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Types of Press Releases to Enhance Marketing Strategy

Different types of Press Release to Enhance Your Marketing Strategy- iCrowdNewswire Press releases are written to make the world aware of what is going on in an organization. Any news which needs to be announced can be done through a press release. Just like news can be distinguished into different categories, press releases through which any news is announced can be written in several different ways. The basic format of an effective press release remains the same but for different types, some minor changes exist here and there. The purpose of this blog is to briefly discuss the most common types of press releases and how to write them.

1. Event Announcement Press Release

Event Announcement Press Release - iCrowdNewswire One of the most common types of press release that are regularly issued by every organization is written for event announcements. If you are hosting, attending, or even sponsoring an event in a nearby time period, event press releases are used to announce them. The major reason why such a press release is written is that every organization wants maximum media attention on their event. Through a press release, the presence of all media personalities and journalists can be increased rapidly. It should contain all the information which is required by a person reading the press release to attend the event.

How to Write It?

Explain the five W’s.  This should be the first portion of the press release as it covers all the major news.
  • 1. What will happen in the event?
  • 2. Who will be a part of the event?
  • 3. Why is the event happening?
  • 4. When is the event happening?
  • 5. Where is the event happening?
  • 6. Clearly define the address of the event. Mention any signup applications, tickets, or other formalities required to attend that event.

2. Partnership Announcement Press Release

Partnership Announcement Press Release - iCrowdNewswire You have formed a new partnership with an organization. It could be in the form of a merger or even an acquisition. Major changes are bound to happen within the organization as soon as the partnership becomes active. These changes need to be announced through a partnership announcement press release, which is also a pretty common inclusion in the list of types of press release. A well-written partnership announcement press releases removes any confusions that may arise in the minds of stakeholders. Journalists prefer to extract this information and present it to the people so they can form views about the organization. This is why it is important to mention the perks and benefits which are attached to a new partnership.

How to Write It?

  • 1. Like every press release, the first paragraph should contain the answer to the five W’s.
  • 2. What is the cause of the partnership?
  • 3. Why was there a need for this partnership in the organization?
  • 4. Who was directly affected by the partnership?
  • 5. When did it take place?
  • 6. Where has the partnership taken place?
  • 7. Mention a positive quote from the executives of both organizations.

3. New Product/Service Press Release

New Product and Service Press Release - iCrowdNewswire This is one of the most common kinds of press releases. An organization that is announcing a product launch or service should do so through a product press release. It should include why there was a need for it in the industry. A clear mention of how it is different from the competitors should be mentioned as well. By clearly mentioning each benefit and distinguishing factors of the service or product, journalists can easily pick up and identify the important news.

How to Write It?

  • 1. Mention the answer to five W’s in the first paragraph to grab the attention of the journalist reading the press release.
  • 2. What is the product or service?
  • 3. Who created it?
  • 4. When was the product or service launched?
  • 5. Why was there a need for this product or service?
  • 6. Where is the product or service being provided?
  • 7. Mention any discount coupon or code that is being offered.
  • 8. Include a quote from any executive related to the product or service launch.
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4. Rebranding Press Release

Rebranding Press Release - iCrowdNewswire Sometimes, an organization decides to change its corporate image. This means that they want to create a fresh perspective on their organization. One of the most effective ways of communicating about the new and modified image of the organization to the world can be done by publishing a rebranding press release. Through this press release, journalists can easily understand what is going on in the organization and they can raise awareness in the public about it. This form of rebranding presentation reduces the hostility that may build up against the organization by the public.

How to Write It?

  • 1. In the first paragraph, answer all the questions of 5 W’s to introduce the rebranding idea and remove any confusion in the minds of journalists and stakeholders.
  • 2. What was the thought process used to accomplish this rebranding process?
  • 3. Why was there a need for the rebranding process?
  • 4. Who was involved in the process?
  • 5. When will the process of rebranding be completed?
  • 6. Where will the company lie in the industry after rebranding is completed?
  • 7. Mention a quote from an executive regarding how the rebranding process will help the organization grow and create more value in the industry.

5. New Business Press Release

New Business Press Release - iiCrowdNewswire If the organizations are successful in one of their businesses, it is likely they would like to expand their business portfolio and start another one. When a new business is started, it is important to make an announcement about it through a press release. Every business has some loyal customers. When journalists pick up the news of a same organization starting a new business from the press release, they immediately circulate this news in their network. People get to know about your business and potential customers start to increase rapidly.

How to Write It?

  • 1. In the first paragraph, answer all the questions of 5 W’s to introduce the new business.
  • 2. What is the new business about?
  • 3. Why did the organization decide to start this business?
  • 4. When will the new business start?
  • 5. Where will it be situated?
  • 6. Who will be managing and overlooking the business.
  • 7. Mention a quote from senior management who started the business to increase the legitimacy of the business.

Types of Media Releases / Types of Press Releases

Types of Media Releases , Types of Press Releases - iCrowdNewswire There are a number of types of media releases, which all correlate and are essentially the same as the press release types listed above. The only difference is, that a media release is usually reserved for events and product launches, which might be able to stir up interest with people. Whereas press releases are industry-specific and use mediums other than the conventional media; social media and print media. The types are as follows, 
  • General News. 
  • Launch Release
  • Event Press Release
  • Product Press Release
  • Executive, Staff and Employee Press Release
  • Expert Position Press Release


There are many different types of press releases. Even though the basic format remains the same but a few changes can be made here and there to make the press release seem more organized and properly targeted towards the audience. Do not forget to mention your contact information details such as phone numbers and email addresses. Types of press releases mentioned in this blog are some of the most common ones and they are published on a regular basis. This is why when you are about to start writing one of those press releases, it is important to have basic knowledge about them.


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