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5 Tips On Optimizing Press Distribution With The Help Of Software Solutions

Tips On Optimizing Press Distribution With The Help Of Software Solutions, Tips On Optimizing Press Distribution

With all the noise on the internet today, it’s a challenge to get in front of a big audience without having to spend a fortune on sponsored content. Now, businesses are turning to public relations to get published on some of the biggest news agencies and appear in front of thousands or even millions of readers. 

What press distribution does is get news or feature pieces about your brand, business, research, non-profit, or any other idea or entity on a website that has a massive following. This PR strategy has become one of the most effective ways to get traffic to your digital assets and get more people to learn about your brand, product, or service

The public relations industry is expected to close with a 10.2% value increase in the next few years. One way people are getting air time on news channels and major publications is by using press distribution strategies. These tools and systems help connect companies with media outlets and have a piece featured on an established website. 

How does press distribution work and how can you leverage it to gain more awareness and authority for your business? Let’s take a deep dive into what it looks like and how technology is powering this approach.

How Software Solutions Help with Press Distribution

Tips on Optimizing Press Distribution

So how do PR specialists and marketing teams maximize press distribution today? They use software solutions to help speed up the process. The point of technology is to amplify your efforts by performing repetitive tasks for you at a faster and more accurate rate. Here are a few ways that press distribution software helps you in your quest to get featured on major websites.

Find media contacts

After writing a press release, the next part should be to get your article in the hands of major news outlets. Press distribution technology connects your brand with an array of established websites like Yahoo, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Marketwatch, and many more. Doing so exposes your brand to outlets that could get your company thousands and thousands of viewers for a very limited cost.

Manage press relations

Press relations management has to do with maintaining long-term communications and relationships with journalists and media contacts. This practice helps companies, media firms, marketing agencies, and PR consultants build long-term mutual relationships with people who can give access to media airtime. Press release distribution services log contacts in one database that makes it easy to store, update, categorize, and pull out information of media outlets and contacts with ease.

Blast out to distribution channels

Press distribution tools help out with sending out press releases to hundreds of major publications and websites. Online press release distribution ensures that one’s contacts get a copy of your news or feature content. With the help of press tools, one can also tap into the provider’s wide array of major publications and channels. 

Make appealing press releases

In press release management, presentation matters significantly. You need to ensure that your press release gets the attention of people. This holds true both before and after publication on media channels. 

First, you’ll need to make your press release appealing to news channels. Then, once it gets out, it also has to be appealing to the readers. An appealing press release depends on many factors. Primarily, it’s in the writing style, but it also has to do with your story. Is it interesting enough for people to read? Will they pick up value from the story?

Get quoted on news articles

Press releases aren’t the only way to get PR opportunities. In other instances, you might want to get quoted on a journalist’s story. Let’s say you’re a filmmaker. Following this strategy, you might reach out to a journalist to give a statement on a major film and get your portfolio site linked in the story. Press distribution tools can also help you get connected with journalists who can quote you on their stories. 

Tips on Optimizing Press Distribution

Now we know all the ways that press distribution software can fast track one’s publicity efforts. Next, let’s look at how you can maximize your press distribution to get better results. 

Keep a clear target audience in mind

The first part of the press release process is always to write the piece out first. This part is something you’ll probably do yourself as a business owner, marketing executive, or PR consultant. You can also hire a writer to do that for you. But whoever does the writing, it has to be appealing to a certain target audience. Who do you hope will read the article? 

Your target audience must also seep into which publications you want to reach out to. A business press release will do good on a business website. Political figures should go on political publications. Legal services should go on legal blogs. Find the publication that will get you in front of people who will actually care about your content.

For some, they look at ERP software companies to integrate their systems with for better data connections.

Think of strategic key phrases related to your brand

Marketers use press releases in a digital marketing strategy all the time. When they do, key phrases are a crucial part of the tactic. These key phrases or words will serve as an optimization strategy to get visibility on search engines like Google. 

These strategic phrases will not just help you with your press release but also the media outlet you’re getting on since it will also bring them more traffic. So consider it another way of cultivating that relationship with news outlets so you can increase your chances of getting featured again. 

Set campaigns for social media

Social media has to be the most significant outreach tool today. 31% of people check social media channels for news content. So you should have a social media strategy included in your PR strategy. There are some press distribution tools that can take care of that for you. You will have to help prepare the necessary content for it such as visuals and content direction. The rest, the press distribution software can already help you out with.

Invest in paid advertising

Paid advertising is one of the most effective ways to gain traction and visibility today. It’s best to set aside a budget for press release distribution pricing. It follows a pay-per-click model, which ensures that you only pay for traffic converted versus other traditional advertising channels like TV or outdoor billboards. 

Studies show that online paid ads can have a return on investment of up to 200%. When releasing a press release, post it on your channels too and pay to boost it for an additional push towards a larger audience. You can also opt for ads on places like Google and other major websites and platforms. 

Use artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been the talk of the town for the past few years. Computer learning takes many of today’s repetitive business tasks and teaches a bot how to do it. Doing so makes life easier for people in charge of certain activities. In the context of press distribution, artificial intelligence can help perform press management, language translation, mass network send-out, and many others to help increase results while minimizing input.

Borrowing Credibility Through Public Relations 

In essence, public relations is a way to borrow an established entity’s authority and credibility in brand building. This strategy helps streamline the process and get your brand, business, organization, or movement the traction you need to push your service, product or cause forward. That way, you build your brand without the hassle of building from the ground up because these press outlets can become your hands and feet to help you reach thousands and thousands of people.

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