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Impact Of SEO On Modern-Day Press Release Distribution


Modern-day press release distribution is a far cry from the methods used in the olden days, before computers and internet literally turned the world upside down. Used to be, you could put out a press release in a newspaper and then wait for the effects to come piling up long after the initial release date. However, with the advent of newer technologies and internet, press release distribution has seen an increase in exposure, viewability and distribution altogether, and the drastic effect has been tenfold from what it used to be. Today, as Google reigns the digital world with iron-fisted algorithms and Kafkaesque bots, SEO hails supreme and has found its way into many things, including press release distribution. This passage is all about the impact of SEO on modern-day press release distribution and how things got to the point that they are today.

Believe it or not, press releases are still relevant and in 2021, now more than ever, SEO has made a comeback when it comes to press release distribution (despite its stint back in the day not ending very well). However, it’s the impact that we’re looking for today and right off the bat, the impact has been very drastic, very measurable and very much substantial. Just as internet revolutionized marketing in general, so has SEO changed the way we look at press release distribution today. The impact of SEO has been phenomenal.

What is SEO?

What is SEO - iCrowdNewswire

SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. As the name suggests, this is a field of informatics and/or computer software sciences that deals with how search engines operate. More importantly, they delve into the greater details of its functioning: how Google ranks and indexes different searches being performed, how can a product gain from getting good visibility on Google search results pages and how can a website increase its traffic using SEO. These are all the main points; SEO goes way beyond that and if we were to get into it, we’d lose track of what was the actual intent about.

The world today runs on petroleum, water and Google. Since we can’t control the first two to our liking, Google it is then. Millions upon millions of searches are performed every second and all this information is at hand for a person to manipulate in their favor. This, in a nutshell, is SEO. Optimizing your web resources in such a way that they rank, index and appear within the top five search results of a certain query. Because we all know nobody goes to the second page of Google or Bing search results. That’s like half the dark web there.

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Press Release Distribution – History of SEO

Press Release Distribution - History of SEO - iCrowdNewswire

Remember reading SEO’s little stint back in the day with press release distribution that didn’t end well? Well, here’s how it all unfolded. As technology started boosting up, and more and more corporations and businesses took to websites, all needed to rank higher and stay visible. The early iteration of SEO was much more exploitable and much easier to trick. And press release distribution was no different.

As soon as press release distribution gimps got wind of what was happening and what could be achieved from it, the abuse started, with people releasing irrelevant and useless press releases by the minute just to get that sweet revenue and sweeter ranking. This went on for a while.

Then, stuff hit the fan and Google started to realize to what extent were they being played with. They clamped down on the barrage of press releases literally released to advertise news of hiring, firing or even if the office furniture was getting upholstered. This all meant that the glory days of press releases and SEO going hand-in-hand were over. And it didn’t even end on a high note, unfortunately.

After that, press release distribution didn’t sit too well with SEO executives and for a brief time in history, the future of press release distribution and SEO in light of the rapidly gaining traction of the internet didn’t seem all that bright.

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The Resurgence of SEO in Press Release Distribution

The Resurgence of SEO in Press Release Distribution - iCrowdNewswire

With the advent digital media and digital marketing, once again, SEO became imperative for press release distribution, as an effective way to release news meant for the people surfing the internet. Today, press release distribution routinely uses SEO as its main way of spreading the release around and in the time of social media marketing, the impacts of SEO on press release distribution have surpassed being substantial. The impact is enormous.

How to actually use SEO Techniques / Practices for Press Release Distribution

How to Use SEO Techniques Practices for Press Release Distribution - iCrowdNewswire

Using SEO for press release distribution has had a very big impact, but how can you actually do it? The simple method of using SEO for press release distribution related much to the actual practices and techniques that are used by SEO specialists and analysts around the world to optimize websites, products, blogs and a whole lot of other content-based stuff that does not necessarily relate to press release distribution or even digital marketing in general.

So, a lot of the actual optimization comes in with backlinks and a good content plan that eventually attracts the user to dive in deeper in one of your backlinks that routes them to the original website. These backlinks are the most imperative part of any SEO strategy; these are the very links that got press release distribution on the wrong side of SEO before and these are the same backlinks that you can now use to route traffic to your website from your press release. Content also matters (actually very much, for that matter), because eventually, once your optimized press release gets you links to your website, for the user to stick around, you will need good content in excess on the website.

Using SEO for press release distribution is more of an indirect process rather than a direct one, with results being available both in the short-term and long-term. The thing to keep in mind is good content; good content in the press release (with all the requisite keywords) and good content on the website (with all the secondary and LSI keywords) will make all the difference between SEO doing wonders and it failing completely.

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What are the Impacts of SEO on Modern-Day Press Release Distribution?

What are the Impacts of SEO on Modern-Day Press Release Distribution - iCrowdNewswire

With advanced ways of optimizing press releases with the requisites number of keywords and accompanying content, SEO has proven, time and again, to be very beneficial for press release distribution. Whereas older and more conventional methods of press release distribution at best could muster up a hundred views, a press release issued and distributed in 2021 with proper search engine optimization behind it could easily rake in big numbers that end with many zeros (in the millions) and could even increase exposure and viewability, not to mention that this is the era of going viral and anything could go ballistically viral at any time, not to mention a well-crafted press release, which could then potentially go in the hundred-millions range. Just saying.

Distribution Numbers:

Distribution Numbers - iCrowdNewswire

The first thing in press release distribution which has been sent into overdrive with the re-introduction of SEO are of course, the distribution numbers, which now have the potential to easily cross a million (with proper SEO strategizing and good content behind it). Prior to SEO practices, word-of-mouth strategy was used to generate interest in a press release and increase its views. Now, with optimization and proper, genuine backlinks made by new visitors, press release distribution numbers can and have been cranked up several notches. This is the first impact of SEO on press release distribution; the big numbers.

Distribution Channels/ Backlinking:

Distribution Channels Backlinking - iCrowdNewswire

SEO has also revolutionized how press release distribution uses its channels and what channels it actually uses for optimal distribution and exposure. With proper back-linking and content insertion, a press release can be used as an effective tool to generate new, organic traffic for your website and vice-versa. With SEO, an optimized press release gets released and featured on a single website, but by good backlinking and optimizing distribution channels, it could get picked up by one of the bigger websites and get featured on a site where traffic is organic and in millions. The second big impact on press release distribution of SEO is the distribution channels and back-linking, which drive more traffic towards the press release, increasing views and impressions ten-fold.

Exposure, Clicks and Impressions:

Exposure, Clicks and Impressions - iCrowdNewswire

With the inclusion of SEO and digital marketing practices in press release distribution, newer concepts have been brought forward. Instead of a physical press release, a digital press release now garners clicks and impressions when up on a website. This is called exposure and unlike other forms of it, this exposure begets ‘the more, the better’. With SEO, the more, the better is applied in actuality as press releases, now in the form of catchy advert-like banners on popular websites, garner clicks and impressions unlike ever before. This is the third impact that SEO has had on press release distribution; the many clicks and impressions they rack up, all thanks to good SEO practices.

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