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How to Write a Book Press Release

How to Write a Book Press Release - iCrowdNewswire

There are many uses for press release marketing. Corporations use it, legal firms and government departments utilize this medium to get any information out. But books? You’d think we were in uncharted waters here, but no. Authors and writers have routinely used this medium to let the people know of a new publication and it has worked so far. But why and how do you write a press release for a book?

Ever seen a glorifying review of a Dan Brown novel or the news that John Perkins added new chapters to his already-damning publication? Well, these are possible because a pretty well-written press release is working its magic behind the scene. These releases ensure that reviewers and editors get the news that Paulo Coelho has penned his greatest story ever and they need to get their reviews out so more people will know about it and read it. So even though this might be new for you, book press releases are a thing and they work brilliantly.

What is a Book Press Release?

What is a Book Press Release - iCrowdNewswire

Simply, a press release used to market a new book or a novel. Anything really, that falls within the ambit of being a book. They work in a way that book reviewers, bloggers and Youtubers pick up the release, read the book and further advertise it. Its free marketing, really.

How do you Write a Book Press Release?

How do you Write a Book Press Release - iCrowdNewswire

Well, it all boils down to how you paint the book in your release. It’s actually easier to market books via press release, considering you will be writing what would be essentially a review to the book. With many books now touching topics of larger general interests, you can simply bank on the topic the writer has addressed and can build your press release around it. If it’s a story, identify the underlying themes and make them the center of what your press release states about the book. This way, your release will resonate with a greater market and will be perceived much better within literary circles.

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Here’s a few pointers to get you started on writing a book press release,

Create a Catchy Headline:

Create a Catchy Headline - iCrowdNewswire

A catchy headline is a must, but with a book press release, not including it would be a crime. A book, especially a novel, is piece of creativity. Not adorning the book press release with a creative headline would be like bringing out croutons for appetizers before a Beluga caviar dinner. It would be considered a crime and the author would be right in doing so if he were to shoot the book press release writer for introducing his book with a bland headline.

Introduction- Attention-Grabbing:

Introduction- Attention-Grabbing - iCrowdNewswire

The introduction should be attention-grabbing, enough to complement the headline. You can utilize the problem addressed in the book and integrate it in the introduction, using a simple ‘problem? solution!’ method to captivate the reader. Bold statements like these usually catch people off-guard, which is exactly what would make people read your press release for a specific book.

Quotes – From the Author:

Use Quotes - iCrowdNewswire

Every press release needs a quote and a book press release, well, requires a quote, but from the author. It can be anything, ranging from “Oh I wrote this book to make the society…” to “My book will shatter the grand illusion of…”. Its really the audience one needs to look out for while including an author’s quote in the press release. If the audience reacts much better to a startling quote or if its content with just a simple one, go with the quote that sits better with the audience.

Write a Author Bio:

Write a Author Bio - iCrowdNewswire

You can differentiate any other release from a press release that is written for a book by looking for a bio of the author. But the bio needs to be concise: two paragraphs at the most. These two paras should convey the essence what the writer is all about. Any longer than that, and the book release might as well turn into a press release for the author. You wouldn’t want to do that.

Book Impactful Information in the Press Release:

Book Impactful Information - iCrowdNewswire

Next up is the main point of the whole release. The book and its description. This part needs to be lengthy but pithy at the same time. You need to highlight the book’s good points and paint it as the book to read and get inspired from. This part of the press release will be the main selling point of your release and the book itself.

Include Contact Details and Call-to-Action:

Include Contact Details and Call-to-Action - iCrowdNewswire

Both these elements should be provided, prominently at the end of the release. These are what will determine if your book release worked or flopped.

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Use Hashtags:

Use Hashtags - iCrowdNewswire

Depending on your use of social, you can include hashtags here. Only do this if they will be used, though – nothing looks sadder than a hashtag with no one using it.

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