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How to Pen a Partnership Announcement Press Release

How to Pen a Partnership Announcement Press Release - iCrowdNewswire

It’s become a hallmark of 21st century economics for bigger companies to straight up buy out smaller rivals or companies pitching in resources and expertise to partner on a new product. Whatever the reason may be, mergers and partnerships are pretty common nowadays. As such, news of such events is distributed to news outlets and journalists to ensure that the public gets to know about it through press releases. If your company is undertaking such a big step or is partnering up with some other firm on a new service or product, you need to write one for your exciting event. Here’s the question. How do you write a partnership announcement press release?

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First things first. Its not uncommon to see a partnership announcement press release. They are particularly common among big pharma corporations, software companies or even between two companies not necessarily sharing the same goal. Whatever the end, partnerships are rife and writing a partnership announcement press release is an easy task relatively. Let’s get you up to speed on how to write a partnership announcement press release,

Include Catchy Names in the Title

Catchy names in title - iCrowdNewswire

As with every other sort of press release, the title or the headline should be catchy enough for a reader to get hooked by just reading the first line. That first line is the headline, so you’ve got to make extra sure that the title isn’t some disposable combination of words that won’t attract the attention of both the journalist who picks out the story and the person who’ll eventually read the whole release.

The second thing that is partnership-specific is that both the companies’ names should be mentioned in the headline, without regard to whichever is the bigger or earns more revenue. However, headline should include both, but there’s always room for discussion over whose name should go first. As the general rule of thumb, companies with more plus points claim the right to have their name typed first in the title, followed by the second one. For example, if Johnson & Johnson and Abbott were to partner over a new line of body care products, it’d be common sense to allow the former to place its name first, owing to the massive history and PR it has already established.

Reflect the Merging Goal

Reflect the merging goal - iCrowdNewswire

The first sentence should not be a salutation, a greeting or any other thing. Right off the bat, a partnership announcement press release should state what the merger or partnership will do and hopes to accomplish. Other press release formats may not allow for this, but since the primary reason of penning a partnership announcement press release in the first place is the merger. Therefore, it would stand to reason that the goal be stated right away. Both the companies saw enough profit and benefit to join forces, the people and the consumers need to know what they intend to accomplish with this merger. Its basic logic 101. Furthermore, it helps start off with a commitment to your goals, of standing with the consumers and mostly, justifying whatever step the company just partook.

Follow-Up with Relevant Details

Follow up with relevant details - iCrowdNewswire

After your first line and paragraph has done its job of basically justifying the entire partnership announcement press release, your second paragraph needs to double down and add more weight to the release by adding a slew of details, one that are relevant to the customer, your position as a corporation and to the overall reason of the merger of partnership and also keep in mind the length of press release.

Your second paragraph should simply give more details about the merger that you mentioned in the first paragraph. What will it bring to the economy or the market? How does it benefit the consumer and how will the general public be able to utilize this product? Your second paragraph should double down on these details and basically make a well-structured story that starts with an announcement and mentions the relevant details after that introduction.

Include quotes

Include quotes - iCrowdNewswire

Quotes look good, increase the standing of the press release and add an air of newsworthiness in the release. Plus news outlets are more likely to pick up a partnership announcement press release with quotes of CEOs, chairmen or other big shots, considering they make for a good news piece.

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State the Reason of Partnership

State the reason of partnership - iCrowdNewswire

Partnership announcement press releases do something particularly smart–they take two paragraphs to summarize the state of the industry, which makes the case for why the product integration is necessary in the first place. Why do you ask? Wouldn’t the consumers in this space or the media already know this? Some would. But remember that media change beats all the time, and someone covering Lifestyle yesterday might get shifted to covering manufacturing tomorrow, or technology–they don’t have the time to become an expert on everything.

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