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How to Write a Press Release For a New Product

How to write a Press Release for a New Product - iCrowdNewswire

A new product is nascent. It needs exposure, coverage, and most importantly, sales. From where does it derive the sales? From exposure and coverage. So where do you get the exposure and coverage? Well, you could turn to a marketing agency, but considering that budgets have usually been exhausted at this point of the launch, you might want to go for a press release (it packs the same punch as an advert). Now, how to write a press release for a new product?

While a press release may seem simple enough, it isn’t. To make sure the desired exposure is achieved, a press release needs to stand out from the sea of releases around it and a pretty hefty effort needs to be put in the release itself. So, without further ado, here are five pointers that’ll help you write a press release for a new product.

How to Write a Press Release for a New Product

Writing a Press Release for a new product - iCrowdNewswire

A common starting point would be understanding the press release that you are writing. Unlike others, a product press release relies heavily on the fact that the product supposed to be introduced is either

  1. New from the ground up
  2. Redesigned or improved
  3. Provides a solution to a problem previously unaddressed

As long as your product falls within the ambit of these three categories, it can benefit greatly from a press release marketing service that goes easy on the corporate wallet.

Now, for the process of how to write a press release for a new product,

Creativity is King: Make a Catchy Headline

Creativity is king make a catchy headline - iCrowdNewswire

Like news items and virtually anything else, creativity demands the highest amount of attention paid while writing a press release for a product. And the most visible part of your effort is the headline, which will essentially sell the whole idea of your product to the people. Make the most out of this opportunity and craft the headline that does your product justice and improves the overall look of the press release. For a headline, creativity knows no bounds. Whatever sells your product the most, include it in the headline.

Bank on the Uniqueness of your Product

Bank on the uniqueness of your product - iCrowdNewswire

Your product is new. And newer is better. The fact that nobody else could do what your product can do is a fact that can get the product to sell better. Therefore, your press release needs to extensively mention the unique element of your product as its main selling point. If your product solves a previously unaddressed question, your press release should make mention of that aspect routinely throughout the press release. Hammering this point will make the public take away the point from the whole press release: product A does this to solve my problem. And that’s a great selling point.

Tell your Story in the Press Release

Tell your story in the press release - iCrowdNewswire

Press releases are supposed to be word-intensive. However, writing a press release for a product can turn this supposed con into a pro. See, people like stories. They actively read or listen to them. Your product has a story. Your company has a story too. Why not pen the press release in a way that chronicles your stories (and your product’s too) in the text? It’s a great way to engage potential customers and the audience through your press release. Your product’s story will also work in the press release, since it’ll help the reader identify better with the product and will actively establish an intimate connection between the product and the audience.

Utilize the Visual Medium (Your Product in Action)

Utilize the visual medium (your product in action) - iCrowdNewswire

The second most visually-impressive element of your product press release will be the pictures that will accompany your release. Because pictures provide the alternative to words (a picture is worth a thousand words), you can actively use pictures as a way to make your press release more attractive and increase its digital footprint. The one benefit of writing press releases for new products is that you can demonstrate your product with pictures, be it a visual showcase or a guide to using it. Whatever the need, using pictures in your product press release will always make it better.

Address your Identified Audience Only

Address your identified audience only - iCrowdNewswire

Your product is for a specified audience. It would only be logical for your press release to address that audience only. The language that you use to write a press release for a new product needs to be in tune with the audience. Otherwise, your press release could get lost in meaning for the audience, meaning whatever your press release needs to inform the people about your product will go down the drain since the message won’t be understood. In short, stay relevant by using the relevant language.

After you’ve followed all these points, simply get to work on getting your release to an industry journalist and voila! You’re all set.

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