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Write a New Business/Start-Up Launch Press Release

Write a New Business/Startup Launch Press Release - iCrowdNewswire

In the time of start-ups and crowdfunding, he who realizes his business idea is successful. Unfortunately, its not that simple. Many people have many ideas. Not all see the light of the day. And a good reason for that is well, money. As it happens with every single person on the planet. But once you’re past that, your idea finally hits the concrete, now you need customers to sustain your business. Building customers isn’t cheap, since marketing budgets run into hundreds of thousands of dollars. Luckily, there’s still some cost-efficient alternatives, one of which is press release marketing. So how do you write a new business/ start-up launch press release? Let’s get into it,

Press Release Marketing

Press Release Marketing - iCrowdNewswire

Press release marketing is among the most cost-efficient methods of marketing and is considered perfect for fledgling start-ups or nascent new businesses that are short on money but want the full works associated with a full-on marketing campaign. As all low-priced alternatives go, press release marketing has yet to gather the traction other methods already have.

So now that you know how press release marketing can help, we’ll move on to how you can write a new business/ start-up launch press release.

How to Write a New Business/Start-up Launch Press Release

How to write a new business startup launch press release - iCrowdNewswire

As yours will be a start-up or a new business, there are several things that differentiate your setup from a well-established business. These differences will eventually play out in how your press release is written, marketed and perceived by the people. Here are a few key points to remember while writing a new business/ start-up launch press release.

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  • Your Start-Up, Your Story

Your startup your story - iCrowdNewswire

Every company, every business has story that it begins with. Your start-up has a story, and for your press release to work its magic, you need to captivate your audience with your story. Chronicle the ups and downs, the risks you took and the highlights of your and your company’s journey to being at this point. People love a good story, especially a story that gets them motivated to pursue their dreams.

But your story does not have to be a linear one. As stated beforehand, make it snappy, make it engaging. Your press release is the first impression of your start-up in front of potential customers. The more it is well-written and captures audience, the more likely they are to care about your press release and eventually your business. Follow this rule for making your press release catchy: the more, the merrier.

  • Get Creative: From Headline to Quote

Get Creative from Headline to Quote - iCrowdNewswire

There are several building blocks that come together to make a good press release. The cement that holds the whole structure together is the creativity that you put in. Why creativity? Well, I bet you only remember the good ads, the Super Bowl ones. Nobody remembers the crappy ones. So, to make people remember your story, your business and your product, you’ve got to get creative. Nobody wants to read a one-pager chock full of details. But you can con them into reading it if you top it up with a nice, attention-grabbing headline and start off the text with a flashy, bold statement. That’s a sure-fire way of grabbing the reader’s attention. According to Press Release 101, you can also make quotes snappy, instead of quoting some old person nobody really knows. The only limit in your press release, is your imagination.

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  • Identify, Reach Out to Journalists for Spreading the Word Around

Identify and Reach Out to Journalists - iCrowdNewswire

The primary means of spreading your press release around are journalists, media establishments and news houses. Therefore, it would stand to reason that you get hold of one you think has the most chance of publishing your release as a news item for the greater public to read. Now, there’s a ton of mistakes people do when reaching out to journalists. Since you’ve been creative this whole time writing the release, you can’t bail out on distribution. What people do, is write a generic, generalized post for journalists across the industry and throw the release out for them to pick up.

The thing to remember about media personnel is that they are pretty busy people. Any slight hint of a spam message or an automated message, and into the bin it goes. The practice, therefore, would be to individually send and address the press release to all journalists. This will ensure that the person on the other end will take a look at your release and subsequently increases your chances of getting the release published.

  • Follow up with a Communication Strategy

Follow up with a Communication Strategy - iCrowdNewswire

Once your release is out there, the process goes into another stage. It does not end. Now, as your release is making its rounds on the internet and in media circles, calls and comments will be pouring in. you need to establish an effective communication strategy to effectively follow through the inquiries that your press release leaves in its wake.

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