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Press Release Quotes: A Quick Rundown

Press Release Quotes a Quick Rundown - iCrowdNewswire

Dreary, cumbersome and a task to read better left for the professionals. Press releases may sound a lot like these descriptions, but they needn’t be a menace to the reader. Enter press release quotes. An element of a release that helps alleviate boredom, (somewhat) spices up the otherwise tedious text and conveys the crux of the bulk to the reader in a lightweight helping. Problem solved.

It is imperative to understand how press release quotes work. One might be tempted to quote Francis Bacon, but unless Bacon is advertising for your company through his writings, you’ve got the wrong idea. Basically, a quote is something that helps a certain piece of information from the release stand out from the text. An attention-grabber, for the reader to make sure that the desired information reaches the intended audience efficiently.

The standard-issue press release uses run-of-the-mill quotes that convey stuff that the reader will disregard as a ‘trivial piece of information’. However, a press release that would actually get people riled up for something would have quotes that are customer-centric or information-driven, A good example might be,

“Reckitt-Benkisser is pleased to announce their collaboration with pharma giant Johnson&Johnson to introduce their new line of….”

Boring. Nobody wants to know why a corporation is riding the dopamine high just because they ganged up with another mega-player to launch some over-the-counter lotion. People have better things to do than read about that. People who might have some use of the drug will be turned away by the banal usage of a quote. Instead, a better alternative would be one that engages people based on their requirements and spares them from the obligation of knowing whether a company is chuffed to present a drug. It would go somewhere along the lines of,

“Mosquitoes annoying you too much? Can’t kill one without looking like a manatee seal clapping for fish? Good news……”

The press release quote grabs the reader by its ingenuity and its relatability to an everyday situation. Every one of us is fed up with the constant buzzing of these little vermin. Their impending departure should attract our attention but the audience is turned away from a potential solution just because the writers decided that their creativity was better off reserved for other tasks. Press release quotes are the thin line that separates the successful ones from the ones that get tossed right into the bin.

Now that we’ve gotten the eye-grabbing aspect out of the way, its time to talk about the general guidelines and the do’s, don’t’s of quotes used in press releases.

  1. Lengthy statements turn people off. Information the size of tidbits is good for the intended audience since it relies on its size to get the message across. Long swaths of words will present a poor overview as the desired information will be found buried under a rubble of legal jargon. Keep the message in the press release quote concise, simple and easy-to-read.
  2. Catchy words all the way: Industry-specific jargon tends to wear people out since not everybody is a qualified paralegal or a marketing executive. Words that are simple, catchy and easy to get your head around are preferred by the reader.
  3. Customer/reader-centric: As shown above, a reader will not be interested in what the CEO has to express over the launch of some new stuff. People are rarely interested in the corporate machinations; instead quotes that relate to an everyday situation or put the reader in the driver’s seat are far more likely to pique his/her attention and lead them over to the main point.
  4. Get creative: The press release is yours for the drafting. The quotes are too. Make them snappy and interesting. Instead of the usual story, get a new side. Narrate the other person’s side or write it like a thriller.

Lingua circa de press release

Lingua circa de press release - iCrowdNewswire

Journalists come across a ton of press releases every day. Press release quotes are the way to distinguish your release from filler material to a front pager. That and a suitable advertisement budget for the publication but that’s another discussion. The fact is that press releases are something not very flashy when the stuff they’re supposed to be promoting is in dire need of flashy stuff. Press release quotes will fill that gap where the tardy jargon fails to attract the general public.

As a rule of thumb in matters pertaining to PR, language is considered essential. Since the visual and audio medium is absent from this and the audience is considered the reader, therefore the word selection needs to be pretty easy and basic. Cryptic words and industry buzzwords are the last thing a reader wants to see when presented with a hefty press release quote.

Neither is the audience interested to know that this joint venture would be ‘a perfect example of synergy between two corporations’. That’s the least of their concerns. Instead, if the press release quote focusses on the intended audience and paints the picture in a way that the reader is compelled to relate to it, then you’ve got a winner on your hands.

Press Release Quotes- not dime a dozen

Press Release Quotes, not dime a dozen - iCrowdNewswire

The usage of quotes is also a pretty delicate balance. Too much quotes would overpower the entirety of the press release and too much would underwhelm and undersell the message. Finding the right number of press release quotes is key to successful dissemination. The client needs information but does not need to know that the developer thinks the application is rad, trendy, and hip. Your first press release quote should convey that between the lines. Too much quotes tend to disillusion the reader, veering them away from what is actually the point.

Know your audience, ask the right questions

Know your audience, ask the right questions - iCrowdNewswire

Asking a predominantly younger demographic about their listening trends on radio would probably be answered by an elderly person bemoaning that Spotify killed the radio. The point is that the question needs to be posed to the right demography that will respond accordingly. The press release quote needs a question that

  1. Capitalizes on relatable everyday situations
  2. Has an audience that responds in a manner beneficial to the spread of the message.

Miss either one of these points and the quote, supposed to bump up the reader count will actually blemish the quote and the whole release. Make sure that the press release quote aimed at youngsters asks about streaming services and not radio or Blockbuster; all these will elicit are confusing queries.

Elicit interest: not everybody is a scientist waiting on data

One of the most critical parts of a press release is the introduction of new data or research on a topic of general interest. What companies end up doing in these situations is that they publish the findings verbatim, complete with its arcane scientific words and lingo. Instead, the press release quote is supposed to integrate the data in such a way that it does not flood the reader with numbers and findings; instead what the reader wants to know is presented in an easy manner.

The press release quote focusses on solutions to the problem and does beat around the bush with irrelevant details and facts that the majority will be dumbfounded to learn.

Publishing a press release with quotes

Publishing a Press Release with Quotes - iCrowdNewswire

How to quote a press release? The main goal of a press release is to inform the wider circle of the population about an event or a product. Much like advertising, the press release needs to be channeled to the proper mediums; be it print, social media or television. Our parent organization iCrowdNewsWire through its press release service ReleaseLive can ensure a steady stream of views and responses from the target audience in an efficient manner.

The website can be accessed at https://icrowdnewswire.com/release-live/ to ensure that the press release gets its fair exposure. Similarly, for more information on press release writing guide and a quick sneak peek on how a press release gets published on the internet, check out this article at https://icrowdnewswire.com/blog/comprehensive-guide-to-write-press-release


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