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About ESG Distribution

In business and life, the one thing we can count on is change. Change is important to realign our values and priorities. As global leaders look to ensure their companies exceed the new standards for non-financial conscientiousness, long term sustainability, and a diverse and inclusive work force, the needs of corporate communicators also change.

For the 21st century and beyond, communicators will shift focus to meet the challenges of Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG); Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) priorities for a better and sustainable tomorrow. The message that organizations will communicate needs to demonstrate these imperatives to employees, customers, investors, and regulators.

With ESG Distribution from iCrowdNewswire, you can be sure your sustainable business outlook, activities, and events are communicated to the right audience and amplified through an innovative distribution that reaches the right ESG, CSR, and DEI media at the right time. Our Regulation FD compliant distribution ensures all requirements of your ESG distribution are covered. Your press release will deliver results with targeted distribution on premium media where industry brands, thought leaders, customers, and investors go for the latest on all things ESG, CSR, and DEI.



ESG communications demand a break from the traditional “business-as-usual” media outreach distribution, in simple terms, it is not about reaching the traditional media but rather reaching specialized media dedicated to the ESG subject and reaching stakeholders, consumers, investors, and regulators that frequent the ESG sections of publications. The real ROI in corporate communications investments is reaching the audiences from The Wall Street Journal ESG Report; Barron’s Sustainable Investing; Forbes Sustainability; Politico Sustainability; Forbes Diversity; Politico Diversity; BBC Climate; Economist Climate Change; Guardian CSR; The New York Times Climate and Environment; Green Biz; Huffington Post Diversity and more.

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Additional Benefits and Customization

  • icon Customize the number of views you want for your press release
  • icon AI Translations in 9 languages
  • icon Guaranteed distribution on AP News, Reuters, and others
  • icon Release is heard on VDAs such as Google Assistant and Alexa
  • icon Receive a Proof of Distribution within 24 hours and a final Master Distribution Report within 7-10 business days
  • icon Upload your email media list for extended distribution to contacts of your choice
  • icon Select distribution on specific ESG, CSR, and DEI media
  • icon Distribution on Google and Apple News
  • icon Advanced reporting with reach, views, and clicks; and age and demographic breakouts
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Geographic and Demographic Targeting

Using the powerful and accurate geographic and demographic targeting . . . read more

Geographic and Demographic Targeting

Using powerful and accurate geographic and demographic targeting, you can customize the message for a specific audience or maximize your reach with broad distribution. For geographic targeting, select from countries, states, counties, cities and even zip codes to refine your search. Hit your niche demographic targeting needs with the ability to customize by age, gender, industry, and interests. Pinpoint your exact audience with our industry-leading geographic and demographic targeting.

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Google, Facebook and LinkedIn Advert Campaigns

To further drive home the point of unrivalled distribution on top-notch platforms . . . read more

Google, Facebook and LinkedIn Advert Campaigns

Secure unrivalled distribution on top-notch social platforms, with ESG Distribution. iCrowdNewswire’s innovative ad-driven distribution offers a premium collection of 11 million websites worldwide to choose from. Teams are available around the clock to deliver custom ad creatives in nine sizes to market your press release. All ad creatives are neatly designed and customized at no additional cost. Our ad-driven creative release approach means that your release will not only get premium placement with guaranteed views through our industry leading ad-driven press release campaigns on Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn, but it also will be eye catching to maximize impact.


$ 750

  • icon Hundreds of Distribution Channels
  • icon 60,000 Guaranteed Views
  • icon 20+ Guaranteed Clicks
  • icon Internal Communications
  • icon Add Additional Views
  • icon Select Social Media Platforms
  • icon Select 10 Major Media Websites for Targeting
  • icon Geographic and Demographic Targeting
  • icon Enhanced Google and Facebook Ad Campaigns
  • icon AI Translations in 9 Languages
  • icon Ad Campaigns Keyword Selection
  • icon Proof of Distribution
  • icon Editorial Tools
  • icon Inclusion in Google & Apple News
  • icon Media Reach & Email Marketing
  • icon Master Distribution Report
  • icon Crawler, Bot and Indexing Traffic
  • icon VDA Distribution (Alexa etc.)
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