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How to Write a Press Release for Announcing a Conference?

How to Write a Press Release for Announcing a Conference - iCrowdNewswire

Filling up seats at an event is an arduous task in itself. It’s not the arrangements or other details that leave a person exasperated. It’s the act of calling people, and ensuring they won’t bail out. Because, an empty hall in front of the stage is something nobody wants to see. Unless we’re talking free pizza and refreshments at the conference, its hard to get journalists and industry outsiders riled up for the event. What you need for those times is a killer press release for announcing the conference.

What is a press release for announcing a conference? Well, it is a faux invitation for the people to attend the conference. Not an invitation, but not quite anything else. So, what does a press release for announcing a conference do? For one, it informs the general public of an event that is happening and targets the audience most likely to respond to it positively. Refreshments included or not, a press release’s job would be to ensure that people and even industry outsiders attend this event. It’s obvious that the keynote speakers and guests will be there, but attracting an unassuming crowd is the hardest part. But with a good press release for announcing a conference, things can be made a bit easier.

Effective Press Release for Announcing a Conference

Effective Press Release for Announcing a Conference - iCrowdNewswire

We’ve already established one thing. Gathering outsiders for a conference not remotely fun-filled can be a handful. Unless we’re talking free pizzas for refreshments and an iPhone for each attendant, filling the hall isn’t easy. And since you can’t afford to feed 200 people pizzas or give out 200 flashy phones, we’d suggest you stick with something that’s reliable, efficient and uses words instead of cheese and Apple logos. A press release announcing the conference. A good release will make people show up just out of curiosity, to something even as boring as a dentist’s convention. Remember: your press release will make all the difference.

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Let’s get started on how to write a good press release announcing conference,

Include a Headline in Press Release:

Include a Headline in Press Release - iCrowdNewswire

As always, with every press release, the headline needs to be catchy and attention-grabbing. After all, the release will be promoting a, let’s be honest here, a boring event. The only thing that can compel people to read and react would be a headline that first gets people on board.

What’s the Name of Organizing Company:

What's the Name of Organizing Company - iCrowdNewswire

Exclusive to the press release announcing conference is the introduction of the company that’s supposed to organize the whole shindig. It’s essential that the particulars are addressed early on, since the people reading would obviously be interested in knowing the brains behind the whole event. It would be especially useful if the company in question is a major one, or one that commands good PR overall. This will increase the response rate of the release.

Include Registration Requisites:

Include Registration Requisites - iCrowdNewswire

Another element exclusive to press release announcing conferences is the inclusion of registration URLs or requisites. These also need to be included early on in the release. People making up their mind about attending the event will be pressed to read and subsequently register themselves for the event. Registration requisites, however, do not require special placement options: a simple heading or text will suffice.

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Include Event Details in the Release:

Include Event Details in the Release - iCrowdNewswire

This is the most important part of the release, essentially its crux. For the people to attend the event, you need to give out the requisite details. But details in a banal manner won’t work, so you can use the visual medium to help you out. These should include the,

  • Event name
  • Target audience
  • Topic of the event
  • Location, date, time, duration, participation fee
  • Ticket prices and how to purchase them
  • Guests, speakers, showcase, performers

You can use pictures and address diagrams to spice up the release, since just a text of details won’t fly. Plus including pictures makes it attractive and opens up new possibilities and options of utilizing pictures in the overall press release announcing conference.

Include Quotes in Press Release:

Insert Quotes in Press Release - iCrowdNewswire

Press Release Quotes are essential and this type is no exception. However, this time you’ve got choices. Instead of resorting to the usual CEO quote, you can use quotes from the keynote speakers, chief guests, any performers or famous attendee. Make it so that the people reading your release can at least be attracted by the prospect of meeting said person or attending his/her lecture. That can be a good technique, provided you can pull it off with grace.

Show the Website (if any):

Show the Website - iCrowdNewswire

Since it’s the 21st century and everybody wants to show that they’re in tune with the times, the event will most likely have either a website or a Facebook page. Be sure to include any such links to the release, for easier access by the people.

Boilerplate- About the Organization:

Boilerplate- About the Organization - iCrowdNewswire

For your final trick, you should include the company details in the boilerplate. Make it concise but comprehensive. Any details worth knowing should not be missed out and your announcement is good to go on different press release distribution channels.

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