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How to Write a Rebranding Press Release

How to write a rebranding press release - iCrowdNewswire

Companies going through rebranding are always at a point where anything could happen. By anything, we mean two outcomes. Either the rebranding works and sits well with the general public, allowing the company to continue with a new face, fresh overlook and a renewed image. Or it could go south. It is unfortunate that a good majority of rebranding attempts are disastrous and end up costing the company way more than what it bargained for. Either way, good results depend on how the public perceives you and a good way to create a positive perception of a rebranding attempt is by informing the people via a good press release. So, here’s the question: how do you write a good rebranding press release?

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To understand a rebranding press release, you first need to understand rebranding and why do companies do it. Overhauling is another thing and rebranding is another. Almost all corporations active from the 1900s have, at one point rebranded themselves. It keeps the company’s image fresh and paints it as a corporation in tune with the times in front of the general public. However, not all corporations have benefitted from the good side of rebranding. In fact, majority of companies which do rebrand end up in a worst situation than before.

But it all boils down to how you pull off the actual rebranding. People perceive a rebranding as a good thing and its all down to how press releases portray the process. If the release itself is spot-on, conveys all the right messages and strikes the right chord among the public, well, the rebranding can then be called successful.

Steps to Write a Rebranding Press Release

Steps to Write a Rebranding Press Release - iCrowdNewswire
A rebranding press release is a type of release written when a company is about to announce any change in their brand outlook. This might include their logo, brand color, company slogan, new company vision or mission statement and any change that can influence the company’s brand perception.

There are a few steps to keep in mind whilst writing a rebranding press release. Bear in mind that the procedure differs from all other types of press releases: this is a rebranding press release. It aims to paint a company in a new picture and nothing else. Therefore, it has its own set of rules for writing.

Choose an Apt Title for Press Release

Choose an Apt Title for Press Release - iCrowdNewswire

Your rebranding press release headline is an important part of the release that ultimately determines the open rate of your release. It is a no brainer, that the higher the open rate, the more successful your overall campaign. The title should include the new brand name or change in the brand name. The release should try its best to make the headline as catchy as possible so as to effectively generate curiosity and lead to more opening rates.

Answer All Questions in the First Paragraph

Answer all Questions in First Paragraph - iCrowdNewswire

Usually the first paragraph includes the 5 W’s of a press release. These differ based on the type of press release, but in the case of rebranding press release, the 5W’s would include when the rebranding takes effect, why the rebranding, who is being rebranded, where the rebranding takes effect or the rebranding event if any and what changes about the brand.

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Build on your Details in the Second Paragraph

Build on your Details in the Second Paragraph - iCrowdNewswire

The second paragraph gives you more room to further explain what the change in brand identity means for the company in terms of new direction/vision and for your customers in terms of what to expect from the company going forward. Most writers jump to the quote section immediately after the first paragraph, but it will be more effective to use the second paragraph to further explain the benefits of the change in brand name.

Utilize quotes where necessary

Utilize Quotes Where Necessary - iCrowdNewswire

Rebranding press releases can benefit greatly from quotes (preferably from someone within the company). The quotes should explain the motivation behind the change in brand. Clear communication is essential and this provides for a good opportunity for the leadership of the organization to affirm their next direction and connect with both the company staff and the public. When a company changes its brand identity, investors and the general public want to check and digest every word from the executives as it gives them an idea of how things will change and what would be the likely implications.

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Reaffirm your Vision at the Conclusion

Reaffirm your Vision at the Conclusion - iCrowdNewswire

The last paragraph gives the rebranding press release another chance to make a statement and pass across the message. The writer may choose to give a brief history of changes made by the company in the past and the great results recorded after that. Doing this will help increase confidence in your stakeholders knowing that your company has a bankable record on how to manage changes and place the company on an upward trajectory.

Follow these steps for the rebranding press release and you won’t have to worry about the whole process going south. Your press release will ensure that for you and would easily allow it to be published on different press release distribution channels.

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