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Reasons to Write a Press Release

Reasons to Write a Press Release - iCrowdNewswire

There are many tools through which company news can be distributed around the world. For example, a press kit, story ideas, articles or blogs, and press releases. One of the reasons to write a press release is to share company news stories. If you are one of those people who think that press releases are obsolete and should not be written, then you need to think again. Top-tier journalists still use press releases to pick up major stories and find out about what is happening in the world. The purpose of this article is to explore different reasons why marketing departments of organizations should write a press release.

Always Remember: Before writing a press release, it is important to know that only attention-grabbing and newsworthy material should be shared in a press release with a proper press release format. Merely that kind of news should be shared which genuinely interests people. Day-to-day operational changes and other internal matters of an organization do not interest other people. It is important to identify those and avoid writing press releases on such topics. Some of the genuine reasons which can interest an individual or an organization in a press release are briefly discussed below.

1. Write a New Business Launch Press Release

When a new business is launched, a press release should be written to inform the world about it. By writing and publishing a press release, the organization is introduced to the public through the journalists. This can be an effective way to do publicity of a business. When starting a new business, writing a press release is compulsory as it is the most suitable way to inform the relevant media about it. When the story in the press release is picked up by a journalist, there is a higher chance for it to get the right exposure. An appropriate audience can be informed with minimum efforts.

2. Press Release For A New Product

Write a Press Release While Launching a New Product - iCrowdNewswire

Many times, an organization can create a new product or introduce a new service. It can be a part of their portfolio. That is the best time to write a press release. By sharing it with multiple journalists, word about your innovation can spread like wildfire in no time. At this point in time, if a press release is not written about it and there is little exposure to your newly introduced product, chances are it will not get the publicity it deserves. In a world where the media has such an important role in impacting the decisions of the mass public, not involving them in the process of promoting a product can rapidly decrease sales and lower the chances for success of the new launch.

Research Based Organizations often have a lot to share about any discovery they have made over the passage of time. They can do so by writing a press release and handing them over to the journalists. These journalists can further distribute the press release to relevant pharmaceuticals or other relevant industries. Their business can increase exponentially through it.

3. You have launched a major update

Many software houses and technology-oriented organizations launch a product or service and then there are some major updates which are provided over a period of time. For example, most Android phones upgrade the version over a period of time and send out these updates to all the phones. These updates are announced by mobile companies and Android users are informed about them through press releases and other memos. Other than that, organizations introduce updates in their services as well. For example, oftentimes airlines introduce new services for a limited period of time. These services should be informed to the customers in the form of a press release.

4. Write Press Release To Share Company News

A new branch is opening in another city or country? It is best to inform people on a large scale about it. Write a press release about it and distribute it to the relevant audience. Make it visible for those audiences who have access to the new branch of the company. Expanding the business on an international scale is a big deal. This is why by publishing a press release everywhere, an organization can increase brand awareness rapidly and get the attention they need to kick-start the new branch of their organization.

5. Your company has merged or acquired a business

Now, this is big news. Suppose you have acquired a company. By writing and sending a press release, every stakeholder of the acquired organization is informed. This makes it easier for them to understand the hierarchy and business situation of an organization. Similarly, whenever there is a merger in a business, it is best to inform all relevant stakeholders. Moreover, there is a chance that an investor who is looking to make an investment in an organization, might pick up the press release and contact the organization to make an investment. This is why informing the merging or acquiring of a business holds high importance. And the most appropriate way to do so is through writing a press release and publishing it.

6. Write a Press Release For An Event

Write A Press Release for an Event - iCrowdNewswire

One of the biggest reasons to write a press release is because most organizations are hosting an event and want to announce it. This event should host the public into the organization. Many organizations hold charity events. These organizations need to send out press releases to the appropriate journalists so that they can come and be a part of the event. Other than that, many factories host tours around their machinery and all the other functionalities on an annual basis. To announce this, a company should write a proper press release to invite relevant people to the event. It is important to remember that when a press release is picked up by a journalist, it can be sent out to the general public by them. And this way, the maximum number of genuinely interested audiences can come to the event.

Apart from an invitation, an organization can write a press release about the event itself. Some events are huge and require a brief overview of what happened. These types of press releases are mostly written for events which exclude the general public but involve some important personalities in the event. Even though this may disinterest most people but organizations and stakeholders of similar industry pay attention to these kinds of news. This is another reason to write a press release post-event.

7. Your company has relocated

Your building was in shambles so you decided to move to a new one. Or you just wanted a bigger space and found another one nearby. Your customers and potential clients need to know this. The best way to inform them is by writing a press release. By writing a press release which includes a brief reason why you have decided to move the location of your organization. Next, the previous location should be mentioned and then the new address and all its perks (optional) should be informed. Never forget the fact that too many details interest no outsider of an organization. Therefore, all the information regarding the location updates should be kept to the point.

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8. Your company wants to respond to a certain situation

There are many scenarios which happen in the real world that demand a response of every organization. It is a part of their corporate social responsibility. To express their stance, organizations should write a press release. This way journalists can pick up this story and publish it all around the world. Everyone can know about the perspective of the organization. Customers are influenced by the way an organization handles certain situations. By issuing a proper statement in a press release, organizations can improve their image in the eyes of the world. The press release is the professional and most suitable channel to share the opinion of an organization.


The reasons to write press releases discussed in this article are very limited. There are hundreds of reasons due to which an organization can write a press release. But it is always important to remember that not every news item important to you will hold any worth to the general public. This is why it is of utmost importance to understand that your news is genuinely worth anticipating and the general public will be interested in reading or hearing about it. Once this is determined for sure, a press release can be written and published around the world (or locally as required).


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