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Best Time to Send a Press Release

Best Time to Send a Press Release - iCrowdNewswire

Unfortunately, writing the best of the best press releases is not enough to attract the right journalists, its about the best time to send the press release.

You have a great story in your press release. Your outline is perfect, the content is precise and informative. The language is clear and easy to understand. There is a strong quote from the CEO of the organization, which serves as the cherry on the top. The multimedia used is professional yet attractive. In short it is perfect. So then you distribute the press release for marketing and send emails to hundreds of relevant journalists and pr professionals but get no response! The disappointment is immense and destroys your efforts.

Do not be alarmed. There is no doubt that you have done everything right in writing and publishing a press release, but there is a lot more science involved in it. The first thing to always remember is that journalists are extremely busy people. Also, they receive multiple press release emails from different individuals and organizations. Some of these contain press releases which are nothing but a waste of time which is why they tend to be ignored by the journalists.

So what should you do to make your press release visible?

The answer is simple. Create a plan. A proper plan needs to be devised in order to successfully receive a positive response from the journalists to whom the press releases are sent. There are many factors that contribute to delivering a press release and getting noticed by the journalists. One of the most important factors is the day and time on which a press release is to be sent.

Which Days to Avoid When Sending Your Press Release?

Mondays are the worst days to send a press release. Shocked? But that is the ultimate truth. Most people think that by sending a press release on Monday, their press release will definitely be picked. Since it is Monday and most people go through their Emails the first thing on that day. But that is not the case with journalists. Most journalists have a very busy schedule on Monday and have little to no time for going through their emails. This is why Monday is most obviously the worst day to share a press release with a journalist. Even if a press release is sent on Monday, it will get pushed far down below in the Email list and will further lose its chances of being read.

Fridays need to be avoided strictly. Why? Journalists are winding up their work at the end of the week. There is little to no chance that they are interested in opening a press release and going through its material and working on a new story on a Friday afternoon. They leave such press releases in a bundle to work on the next week. This increases the chance of your press releases getting lost under a pile of other more recent press releases.

Next, weekends should be avoided as well. For obvious reasons, journalists do not want to go through their emails (especially that read press releases) over the end day of the week. Nobody wants to work over the weekend, not even journalists! So refrain from sending a press release in those days.

Which Days to Send A Press Release?

Which Days to Send Press Release - iCrowdNewswire

The best days to send the press release are from Tuesday to Thursday. This is because journalists have time in their hands during these days. They have finished pressing tasks and are looking for better stories. They are genuinely interested in picking out a new story to work on. It is during these days that the chance for a press release to be opened by a journalist is maximum and has an effective distribution timing. The opening rates are very high in the mentioned days. There is no 100% guarantee that the press release will be opened but there is a high chance that the journalists will have the time to do so.

Best Time to Send A Press Release

Now that the best days to send a press release have been discussed thoroughly, it is important to understand the most feasible time to send a press release. Any time between 10 am to 3 pm should be picked when sending a press release. Why? The answer is simple: at this time most journalists have arrived at their workplace or have settled down to start their day (if they work from home). They are ready to go through their emails and find some good stories to work on throughout the day.

After 3 pm, people start to lose interest in work. They want to begin closing things for the day and finish off the tasks that they are performing then. This is why the chance to go through an Email and find a new story to work on is very little to none. The press release should be shared on the hour exact. This means that the timing should not be 1.30 pm or 11.30 am. Instead, it should always be sharp 11 am or 1 pm when sending out a press release.

We live in a global world. Your news can be targeted at a global audience. This is why time zones must be kept in mind. Eastern Standard Time (EST) is the time zone which is mostly followed by organizations when sending a press release. But if you are situated anywhere else or your audience is on an international level, the timings need to be adjusted accordingly. For example, when working in a Middle Eastern audience, there is a chance that they might follow different days of work. They have different days for weekends. Keeping that in mind, you should devise a strategy of your own for sending a press release.

Tips to Remember When Deciding The Time To Send A Press Release

There are a few things that need to be kept in mind when you are picking the best time to send a press release. If for some reason you are unable to send a press release in the specified time, you can schedule the best time to send a press release. Most email services provide that option to their users. Apart from that following small rules and regulations can be very effective in increasing the chance of the relevant audience to open and go through the best press release.

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Worst Case Scenario For Sending a Press Release

Worst case scenario for sending a press release - iCrowdNewswire

Suppose you miss all these timings and days. And this press release needs to be published urgently. So now you must be wondering whether you should send the press release or not? The answer is yes. It is always better to send a press release then to send nothing at all. If you are lucky, your press release might catch the attention of a journalist or relevant media personality and the press release gets picked.


Lastly, everyone reading this must remember that even by following all the tips mentioned in this article, there is a chance that your press release is not picked up by any media personality. No one should take this personally. Sometimes, luck is not in their favor. But this does not mean that you should lose heart and give up. Follow the famous try, try, and try again. Sooner or later you will succeed!


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