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100 Million People are not going to read your release even if you are Apple – introducing ReleaseLive™ the Future of Press Release Distribution

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Miami, Florida – September 16, 2019 – “Potential Reach” and long lists of web sites and media with estimated audience figures have been the mainstay of the press release distribution industry for decades – no one believes that posting on Yahoo! Finance really delivers a potential viewership of 100 million. Yahoo! Finance is an excellent publication that I use frequently but even then, they have an audience of 60 million. Read More>>

New era in press release distribution and ROI reporting

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Marketing communications and press release distribution has always been about ROI but the fact is things have not changed much over the decades. If you take a look at reports from your current service you will see pretty much the same thing you have been seeing for years - at the same time prices have skyrocketed. New technologies have the potential to change the game, add distribution, increase ROI and. Read More>>

“Alexa, Read Me Apple’s Latest News Release”

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Google Assist, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri and Microsoft Cortana, with one-billion voice searches each month, to deliver corporate news, earnings and content releases From telex machines, to satellite, to fax machines and onto the Web, the new evolution of corporate news release distribution technology is here as iCrowdNewswire amplifies its clients’ news and content with the power of voice. iCrowdNewswire, the NewsTech leader, announces that it is converting its full. Read More>>

Earned media? The AdRelease powered by Google will get your message in front of hundreds of thousands of readers

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Reading the CISION State of Media Report 2017, which is great by the way and highly recommended reading (here…), it comes to me that at the end of the day the concept of getting your message to media properly and in the right format is important, but it still depends on media publishing your article to your target audience. And once media publishes your story it still depends on the. Read More>>

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