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Oct 2, 2017 11:00 AM ET

Earned media? The AdRelease powered by Google will get your message in front of hundreds of thousands of readers

iCrowd Newswire - Oct 2, 2017

Reading the CISION State of Media Report 2017, which is great by the way and highly recommended reading (here…), it comes to me that at the end of the day the concept of getting your message to media properly and in the right format is important, but it still depends on media publishing your article to your target audience. And once media publishes your story it still depends on the article finding the audience.

In other words, a product that will enable you to pin point target your audience and charge you based on actual results guarantees that whether media publishes your article or not, you will achieve your audience goals.

CISION’s second quarter financial results shows that the average revenue per customer that purchased services from CISION on a transaction basis was $1,560 – this may not be solely PR Newswire clients, but I can tell you that for $500 we can deliver 200,000₁ views. Our prices start at $200.

Press releases are valuable tools in many ways: they are required for publicly traded companies to disclose material information; they create a public record of a companies’ activities which is valuable to anyone considering investing in or doing business with a company; they are a source of data and information for researchers; and they are a source of information for media. And at the same time, they are a messaging tool, a way to reach stake holders, shareholders, customers, vendors and employees. There are no doubts press releases are a very valuable corporate communications tool and in fact 300,000 companies issue thousands of releases every day – this number can be ten times as large with the proper product and the right pricing.

iCrowdNewswire has decided to go in a different direction innovating the press release – our goal is simple: partner with and leverage the power of Google, the leading ad technology company worldwide; combine ad targeting, analytics and versatility with traditional press release distribution; offer a do-it-yourself product available through a secure and easy to use SaaS platform; the AdRelease offers unmatched global geographic targeting enabling customers to be as specific as choosing a postal code; demographic targeting allows definition of age groups, interests and languages.

Our beta product is available now at and coming soon are the next set of innovative products:

Boost – The industry’s first and unique ability to take advantage of the success of your message. We will notify you when your impression and click through targets have been met and allow you to add additional distribution with a simple click. Make a great announcement go further and “boost” your analytics as well.

Text to Audio – Audio will become a must for corporate communicators as virtual assistants and other audio devices become a critical component in the news cycle.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning – The goal is an intelligent system that reads your release, understands your message and provides the best possible distribution to reach the most valuable audience.

Big data targeting – Leverage one of the largest global data sets to constantly improve your results.

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