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Artificial Intelligence driven Marketing Communications

Jun 26, 2018 8:00 AM ET

New era in press release distribution and ROI reporting

iCrowd Newswire - Jun 26, 2018

Marketing communications and press release distribution has always been about ROI but the fact is things have not changed much over the decades. If you take a look at reports from your current service you will see pretty much the same thing you have been seeing for years – at the same time prices have skyrocketed. New technologies have the potential to change the game, add distribution, increase ROI and lower costs – the question is will the industry adopt them. In our case, we are all about implementing new technologies, new processes and new alliances. We partnered with Google, we partnered with the leading legal media in the industry, we built channels on Alexa and Google Assistant, we developed new ways to work with Google and Facebook and the results are amazing.

Take a look at the distribution report from a recent release distribution, this is a premium release that cost $600 flat fee, no overages, no contracts (pay as you go) and no extra or hidden fees. This particular release ran on our Legal Newswire which is a partnership with

To Check the sample Report Visit:

If your press release service is not moving towards implementing new value added technologies you need to ask why – in my experience the traditional services have been more concerned with locking customers into exclusive contacts than increasing ROI.


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