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What Type of Companies Should Send Out Press Releases?

What Type of Companies Should Send Out Press Release - iCrowdNewswire

While big businesses may routinely advertise or spread the word around via press releases, one might be wondering if the same medium can be used by establishments of lesser magnitude. What type of companies should send out press releases? And if an establishment does fall in the ambit of companies that are supposed to issue press releases, are their services relevant enough to be featured in a release? More on that below.

So what type of companies should send out press releases?

There is a myriad of companies that send out press releases. Every corporation, be it a software house or a consortium of legal advisors, resorts to press releases every now and then. Besides being an effective way to disseminate information, a press release can also intimate people of any upcoming event or a product that the company is supposed to launch.

1. Press Release for Startups

Press Release for Startups - iCrowdNewswire

One of the foremost type of companies that should send out press releases are startups. Every startup brings something new to the table, with services ranging from internet applications to practical solutions to existing problems. Getting the message across to people and potential investors is vital for a fledging startup to identify a customer base and secure funding.

The most effective way of getting the message of the startup to the masses would be sending out a press release, one that engages the potential audience and convinces investors to step onboard.

2. Enterprises/ Businesses Press Release

Enterprise Press Release - iCrowdNewswire

Established businesses or enterprises which are already coasting on old successes also routinely try their hand at press release marketing. These businesses utilise press releases as a medium that captalises on their dominant position in the market and their previous successes to build on further on a solid platform.

Furthermore, established companies that send out press releases usually do so to inform the greater public of a new innovation or a product that

  1. Is relevant to the intended audience
  2. Presents a solution to a problem previously unanswered.

While big businesses rely heavily on advertisement campaigns, these companies should send out press releases to ensure an even greater spread of the word.

3. Small businesses Press Release

Small Business Press Release - iCrowdNewswire

Yes, you’ve read that right. Small businesses, despite their size or volume can and should issue press releases, especially if their location and area of business tends to be tightly-knit and revolves around a community within a close proximity. While this may seem outrageous for a mom-and-pop store in the friendly neighborhood, it is actually much more efficient and better alternative to a media campaign that focuses on home-made adverts, flyers and promotional material that goes down the drain.

Cant get your head around the magic that is digital marketing and press release marketing? Further amplify your knowledge about press release marketing here: https://icrowdnewswire.com/blog/press-release-marketing/

Instead, small businesses are a perfect example of the type of company that should send out press releases. It ensures a wider reach of the campaign at a grass root level and makes sure that the message of the setup reaches the customer bases without any alterations or undue complications.

A press release issued by a small, local business may contain information on a new product they might be stocking, one that has shown great demand over a period of time or may intimate people about a new location they might be opening or about their future plans for expanding into newer territories.

Nevertheless, small businesses and setups should send out press releases regularly or on an occasion so as to help with its exposure and spread around a community.

4. Press Release for Mega-businesses/ Multi-National Companies (MNCs)

Press Release for Mega-businesses & Multi-National Companies - iCrowdNewswire

It may sound strange to an industry outsider, but corporate giants like Coca-Cola or IBM derive their sales volume from advertisement campaigns that rack up millions of dollars in marketing expenses. Their packages include TV adverts that are an impressive feat in their own sense and other marketing devices that vary from one region to another.

For a corporation where marketing budget essentially translates into sales volume, press releases are categorized as a low-priority marketing device that are used from a legal standpoint only. Industry giants like HP or McDonalds primarily use press releases to issue statements or present their stance on a singular topic or issue.

Furthermore, for the legality aspect of press releases, these corporations also use releases as a medium of coordination in legal matters, be it a lawsuit or a company named a defendant in a particular case.

In the list of type of companies that should send out press releases, MNC’s should trump the others but unfortunately, they’ve reserved this medium as the only way to communicate when it comes to legal matters. However, if used to promote product launches or events, these companies can benefit from a very higher reach to an audience on social media platforms that would otherwise not benefit from traditional methods including television, radio or print media.

Simply put, to reach a younger demography, press releases can be used with catchy stuff to ensure that the social media footprint is considerable enough for the product.

What services that a company provides should be sent out via press releases?

What services should be sent out via press releases - iCrowdNewswire

As explained beforehand, services ranging from computer solutions to pest control can employ press releases to help with sales network and exposure of a product or service. Similarly, legal chambers or offices can also use press releases as a preferred medium of communication with their clientele.

Any service or product that has a general need and an identified market can be promoted through releases and similarly can be explained in detail through this.

A good case for press releases might be made by pharmaceutical companies, which can be classified as routine users of press releases as their preferred method of advertisement or communication with the customer base. Industry leaders like Johnson&Johnson and Pfizer use press releases as a way to market drugs. A genius play on their part would be to market a drug typically reserved for the older demography through a press release.

Read this article here to know all about the types of press releases: https://icrowdnewswire.com/blog/types-of-press-release/

The drug, let’s say, a blood thinner or an anti-convulsant would identify its primary user as an 80-year old woman or a man way past his prime. Therefore, it would stand to logic that the medium used to reach said demographic would be a press release tailored fit to the issues that plague the sexagenarians or octogenarians. This release would be issued to newspapers or any magazine whose reader circle consists of the intended audience.

Similarly, a drug that’s developed for ADHD or any other ailment that commonly affects the younger segment of the population would find its way to their news feeds (on social media platforms) or in their mailboxes (the digital ones, not the physical ones) through a press release that’s written to the tune of how a normal teenager or a person in his twenties would prefer it.

In short, press releases can be edited or typed to fit a certain demography that the release is supposed to be riling up. It remains pertinent to mention here that press releases can also be designed or edited to cater to different demographics with single publishing, meriting the use of language that is neutral.

How to write a press release that does itself justice

How to write a Press Release - iCrowdNewswire

Writing press releases may not sound like a mammoth task, but when the intended audience is a tricky one, a simple writing task can become a nightmare. However, this has been made easier thanks to iCrowdNewsWire, which has a great selection of articles that can guide you into becoming a pro. To understand the intricacies of this task, read this press release writing guide to understand how to write a standout press release which will get the attention it deserves.

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