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Feb 29, 2016 8:00 AM ET

iCrowdNewswire, IMPACT Leadership 21, the Foundation for Support of the United Nations (FSUN), and Inter Press Service (IPS) launch program to provide corporate communication services to 500 NGOs

iCrowd Newswire - Feb 29, 2016



MIAMI & NEW YORK – The 3rd Annual Power of Collaboration Summit held at the United Nations in New York will serve to launch the IMPACT Leadership 21 500, a joint project with the Foundation for Support of the United Nations (FSUN), Inter Press Service (IPS) and iCrowdNewswire to provide world-class press release distribution services to non-governmental organizations (NGOs), Civil Society and Non Profit organizations.

“Awareness, dialog, visibility and support are keys to successful advocacy. The IMPACT Leadership 21 500 initiative is designed to provide NGOs and Civil Society organizations with world-class communications tools necessary to achieve their goals,” said Hector Botero, President of iCrowdNewswire.  “Our goal is to recruit 500 organizations from all regions worldwide regardless of cause, size or financial resources to use our world-class corporate communications tools to deliver their message, advocate for their cause, create awareness, garner support and promote dialog. We are building the Civil Society news hub, providing technology tools that enable communications and leveling the playing field for dialog and inclusion in the global narrative.”

The United Nations NGO Branch, Office for ECOSOC Support and Coordination, supports the work of 4,186 NGOs in active consultative status with (ECOSOC). In addition, the integrated Civil Society Organizations (ICSO) System, developed by the Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA), of the United Nations Department of Social and Economic Affairs, NGO Branch coordinates some 24,000 registered entities. Worldwide there are in excess of 40,000 international NGOs and millions of national NGOs and non-profit organizations.

“NGOs and Civil Society organizations all have one thing in common: regardless of cause, geographical focus or financial ability, every cause depends on communications to effectively advocate and deliver their message,” said Janet Salazar, Founder, IMPACT Leadership 21. “Our partnership with iCrowdNewswire, a tier-one press release distribution service, will enable us to substantially advance the goals of hundreds of organizations from around the globe.”

iCrowdNewswire has deployed an IMPACT Leadership 21-branded software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that requires an elementary computer knowledge and less than five minutes from sign up to check out to distribute a press release. Civil society distribution is done using a comprehensive distribution platform that includes guaranteed posting on hundreds of web sites, social media channels, databases, RSS feeds, search engines and thousands of global news editors. Distribution is done in partnership with Inter Press Service (IPS), a not-for-profit news agency and cooperative of journalists that has general NGO consultative status with ECOSOC.


Access the platform here:




About IMPACT Leadership 21


IMPACT Leadership 21 is a global platform providing leadership solutions that drive change.  As a social enterprise, IMPACT is committed to inclusive and sustainable leadership at the top level. This commitment is the driving force behind our core mission and vision:   ACCELERATE women’s leadership at the top, build inclusive economies. IMPACT represents the core values and principles required for transformational leadership:  I-Innovation, M-Multiculturalism, P-Passion, A-Attunement, C-Collaboration, and T-Tenacity.

Together with its partners such as IBM, Microsoft, UN Missions and others, IMPACT Leadership 21 convenes catalytic conversations and forums that revolutionizes global leadership;  provide tools, resources, opportunities and channels that equip leaders to succeed, thrive  and drive change globally;  engage men as powerful ambassadors for change and a gender-balanced leadership at the top;  provide global leadership solutions that help build inclusive and collaborative ecosystem for businesses and organizations.  IMPACT Leadership 21 is the producer behind the disruptive leadership gathering “Annual Power of Collaboration Global Summit at the United Nations” and the innovative leadership forum, Conversations With Men™.



About Civil Society


Civil Society is the “aggregate of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and institutions that manifest interests and will of citizens.” In 2009 the number of NGOs in the United States was estimated at 1.5 million, Russia had 277,000 and India around 2 million. There are currently 4,186 (NGOs) in active consultative status with (ECOSOC).




About Inter Press Service (IPS)


IPS is a global news agency set up in 1964 as a non-profit international cooperative of journalists and has general NGO consultative status with ECOSOC at the United Nations, and the OECD status of ODA eligible international organization. There are currently 4,186 (NGOs) in active consultative status with (ECOSOC). Its main focus is the production of independent news and analysis about events and processes affecting economic, social and political development. Engaging developing country journalists from all the regions of the world, the agency largely covers news on the Global SouthCivil Society and globalization, operating a network that includes: IPS Africa, based in Johannesburg; IPS Asia-Pacific, based in Bangkok; IPS Europe, based in Berlin and London; IPS Latin America, based in Montevideo; IPS North America, based in the United Nations HQ in New York. IPS HQ is housed in the FAO headquarters in Rome.




About iCrowdNewswire


Launched in 2015 by a senior team of corporate communications, news and financial news services executives, iCrowdNewswire is a marketing technology, software and newswire company deploying communications software and technology with key partners in specialized market segments that are largely underserved. These segments include Civil Society, crowdfunding and global emerging markets. As part of its strategy, iCrowdNewswire licenses its technology platform, support and management services, and operational know-how and experience through white-label solutions empowering partners to launch and grow their own communications services units. Since launching in May of 2015, iCrowdNewswire has been able to enter into more than 20 white-label licensing agreements, ending first-year operations ahead of full-year 2016 goals.



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