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The Most Bang For Your Buck: Choosing The Best Press Release Platforms

How to choose best PR platform - iCrowdNewswire

Picture this. You’ve got the product; you’ve got the setup. You’ve even managed to come up with the perfect medium of advertisement and have decided on press release marketing. Now all you need is choosing the best PR platform that does your strategy justice.

Your buddy claims he knows SEO and will do all that for a quarter of the price. Problem solved, right? You get the advertisement and you get it for cheap, all thanks to your buddy.

However, without the proper PR platform, your buddy would undersell the product and instead of rolling around in cash, you’d end up rolling around in ‘payment due’ letters. Had you consulted an actual PR platform; you might’ve bought that new convertible you’d always wanted.

Too bad.

Advertisement has been a cornerstone of getting sales done for a long time now and as much as press release marketing might seem irrelevant for the untrained observer, it is actually a very cost-effective method of social marketing. Choosing the best PR platform for your business is equally imperative and if you can take anything from this article, it would be this: How to choose the best PR platform?

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Doing your Business Justice

Doing your business justice - iCrowdNewswire

Choosing the best PR platform is a crucial part of an advertisement strategy. You’ve opted for press release marketing, so, it’d only be natural to go with the industry leader or the one with the most impressive track record. Much like an advertisement agency, a PR platform’s portfolio is an accurate representation of how your account will be handled. Below are a few pointers that’ll get you up to speed on how to choose the best PR platform.


1. Quality over Quantity:

Quality over quantity - iCrowdNewswire

As it would happen, much of the clientele tend to think the other way around. In the case of press release marketing, quality takes the prime important factor when choosing a PR platform. A platform might sport a limited number of people working on their projects but if those outnumbered team members can put on a better show and have the track record to prove it, they certainly deserve a chance.

As opposed to platforms which might boast an impressive headcount but fail to actually deliver on their promises of proper press release marketing. Such is the case that entraps corporations and startups alike; people have a tendency to be swayed over by quantity and not quality.

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As a general rule of thumb, go for quality, never quantity. There are a ton of instances where a corporation puts its trust in a PR platform that boasts a big team and an overrated nametag, only for them to end up falling flat on their faces. In cases like these, betting on smaller platforms that can handle the workload are actually more cost-efficient.


2. Personnel:

Personnel - iCrowdNewswire

On the talk of quality over quantity, it remains pertinent to mention here that personnel and their credentials are equally important when choosing the best PR platform. Just like the first point, you as a business owner should vet and meet the team that works on the platform and would handle your account.

How proficient are they with different SEO techniques and how well can they promote the press release? These are some of the questions that you need to ask the platform itself to gauge your ROI. The more experienced the personnel, the more your press release will garner views.


3. Track Record:

Track record - iCrowdNewswire

Getting to know what the PR platform has achieved over time will also help greatly in choosing a PR platform. There are several press release platforms that have been around for quite a long time now; the companies considered the upper echelon of this segment started way back in the 1950’s and 60’s. These platforms have now substituted the olden ways of press release marketing (through newspapers, weekly and monthly publications) to pave way for the newer means (social media, search engines etc).

Such platforms have an impressive track record and have proven time and again of their PR prowess through their experienced staff. Similarly, newer entrants have their benefits of having a more SEO-oriented strategy of digital marketing and a young, energetic method of dealing with a press release (much like their workforce). Both have their track records; their shares of successes and failures. Eventually, it’s up to you (the business owner) to better decide on how to choose the best PR platform for your setup.


4. Budget Constraints:

Budget constraints - iCrowdNewswire

As a business owner, the first and foremost concern prior to making a move is budget. Money makes the world go around and to make your press release go around the world, the old adage ‘money talks’ can be used. But of course, budgeting requires fiscal sense and financial maturity. You can only earmark a certain amount for marketing and to make sure that you get the most for your money, you’ve got to review what press release marketing options your budget can afford you.

Out of the ones that fall within your budget, you can then use the rest of the criteria to choose the best PR platform. However, the single most important criterion is budget and unlike the adage ‘the more, the merrier’, more money will not always equal the best. Some platforms may charge less but will deliver performance above par to what the rest overcharges for. In the end, its what the past performance tells you that matters.

5. Wider Ambit of Services:

Wider ambit of services - iCrowdNewswire

How to choose the best PR platform also derives much of its answer from the wider range of services that a platform may provide in a single package. To understand the concepts of ‘wider range’ and packages, you need to understand how such websites conduct businesses. To get a detailed overview of both the concepts, consult this webpage here and know more about how our website iCrowdNewswire gives you the most coverage for your money.

As for the wider ambit, it refers to the kind of services that will be provided in addition to the barrage of press release marketing service. This includes but is certainly not limited to:

  1. Dedicated releases to hotspots like Silicon Valley, Wall Street and the likenesses.
  2. Releases to cities and metropolitans worldwide (London, Munich etc.)
  3. Inclusion of Virtual Digital Assistants (VDA’s) like Siri or Bixby to increase coverage.
  4. Multilingual translations of press releases (for varying audiences and regions)
  5. Distribution using RSS feeds.

There is a myriad of other services listed on the iCrowdNewswire website that give you a sneak peek into what can press release marketing do for you and your product. These are services that should be consulted and compared prior to choosing a PR platform. Doing so will help ensure that you get the most out of your press release marketing strategy for a fraction of the cost.

6. Last, but not the least: Going the Distance:

Going the distance - iCrowdNewswire

Lastly, you need to consider how much is the PR platform dedicated to going above and beyond for your press release and how will it work with you in the long run. That would be the first matter of inquiry. Is the press release platform you’re considering in it for the long run? Or will it force you to keep bouncing around for better alternatives? The logical choice would be the PR platform that is in it with you till YOU exercise your right to pull out.

This would also be the most cost-effective and time-efficient choice for you considering that negotiating a package for your press release marketing would take up time better spent on further polishing a strategy. Therefore, it would be advised, as the last checklist item, to choose the PR platform that sticks with you till the logical conclusion is reached.

In conclusion, follow these six points and you might get a deal of a lifetime in choosing the best PR platform for your business.

Your choice – PR Platforms to choose from

PR platforms to choose from - iCrowdNewswire

While there are literally hundreds of PR platforms on the internet offering to take up your press release marketing needs, only a few handfuls have made it to the top of the food chain. Those with the best of portfolios and the cleanest of track records are listed below.

  • iCrowdNewswireyour go-to website for all of your press release marketing solutions with the lowest costs. The website provides the best services for the most competitive rates in the market and offers the best analytic solutions to make sure your product gets the recognition it deserves.
  • • Cision- World leader of press release marketing services and one of the first to enter this space.
  • • PR Newswire- A subsidy of Cision providing the same ambit of services.
  • • Business Wire- A major player in PR marketing services.
  • • Newswire- High-performing PR platform with a wide variety of clientele and services.


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