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Oct 12, 2020 11:35 AM ET

Get a Restful Night During Quarantine With These Tips

iCrowd Newswire - Oct 12, 2020

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The coronavirus disease has taken on some unexpected and some unpleasant contours. And it has resulted in a climate of distress and anxiety, which has surged stress levels, leading to insomnia. Even people who didn’t suffer from such illness before may do so now.

Good sleep is essential for your health no matter what type of lifestyle you live. However, it has become more vital in this time of year. As the COVID-19 cases continue to increase, proper sleep may not be as attainable as it used to be.

For a little help, here are some tips to help you get a good night’s sleep and wind down, even during these uncertain and stressful times. Read on!

Change Your Bed Into An Adjustable One

Compared to traditional flatbeds, adjustable beds have a lot of advantages. Adjustable beds have frames that can be modified or fine-tuned into various positions for both therapeutic and comfort benefits.

There are many perks to sleeping or resting down on an adjustable bed. For instance, it allows you to adjust the bed to a comfortable position, which promotes blood circulation. Also, you can target different areas like the leg or joint and make use of elevation to give relief from swollen, tired legs and feet.

For those who have asthma or struggles with breathing, sleeping on a flatbed can be detrimental. Fortunately, adjustable beds can alleviate asthma symptoms and sinusitis by elevating the bed to help keep the airway wide open.

There are many manufacturers, like Sophie: Australias Smartest Sleep Company, that offer top-notch adjustable beds. All that’s left for you to do is pick the one you think will benefit you the most. Make sure to research each option’s pros and cons, and don’t forget to read reviews.

Keep A Regular Routine

Most of us have had our daily lives completely turned upside down due to the pandemic. Some are becoming used to working from home, and some have been displaced. Most of us are now balancing family and work. Some others take care of their kids who are now out of school for the rest of the year.

Regardless of how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed your life, it is imperative to maintain a regular routine to get a good night’s rest. Now is the perfect time to be mindful and remember how we’re living our lives amidst this health crisis.

According to a research scientist and psychologist, Navya Singh, PsyD, we must keep our lives today as close to our everyday routine. So, if you are working from home, it is a good idea to wake up at the same time and prepare to go to work. Even if you’ll just be in the next room, following the same routine could help alleviate all your worries and stresses.

Have A Normal Sleep Routine

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If you are on a work from home or self-quarantine situation because of the pandemic, most probably, you may want to stay in your bedroom more often. The ambiance of a bedroom can naturally make you long for more sleep. Thus, disrupting or altering a regular sleep routine.

Regardless of your work area, you should ensure that you are not excessively sleeping because it can make you sleepier or tired during the day. In these trying times, it is important to have a normal sleep regime to help you anchor your day and get the job done.

Do Exercise

Although gyms may cease in operation due to the pandemic, exercising should still be included in your daily life. Simple exercises like walking or running are essential for good sleep.

Home quarantine and social distancing may limit your exercise options, but there are many ways you can stretch out your limbs without leaving your home. For example, you can follow an online exercise class, take short active breaks, or walk around your home.

However, you should not exercise within 3-4 hours before bedtime because the aftereffects of exercise can make it difficult for you to sleep.

Limit Blue Light Exposure

During this pandemic, the internet has proved to be an essential tool for entertainment and communication. The problem is that if you stare at your device’s screen all day, it won’t help you fall asleep.

The wise thing to do is to keep away anything that emits blue light, like your TV and mobile phone. To help you get to sleep, consider listening to music, reading a book, or talking with your family before bed.


Good sleep is vital for effective functioning and physical health. It is a critical promoter of mental health and emotional wellness, helping to fight anxiety, depression, and stress. If you have sleeping problems due to COVID-19, know that you can take steps to enhance your sleep during this health crisis. Also, for optimal health, remember to stay hydrated and eat healthily.


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