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Home Security Upgrade: Advantages of Installing Colorbond Fencing For Your Household

iCrowdNewswire   Oct 12, 202011:24 AM ET

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Investments made in your home is one of the most important choices you have to make for your family and yourself. Choosing top quality fencing around your home preserves that investment you made.

When it comes to choosing a fence, aside from the protection it offers, how it looks and how much effort it takes to be properly maintained is also important. Different fences are made with different materials, and most of the time, with common elements such as wood, iron, or chain link.

These materials offer certain levels of protection, but it comes with regular maintenance and effort. That is why choosing Colorbond steel makes it easy for homeowners to maintain while getting the proper privacy and security the household deserves.

What is Colorbond Steel?

Installing a fence out of Colorbond steel is currently Australia’s most popular trend, and it comes with a  good reason. Put merely, Colorbond fencing is made out of Colorbond steel, which is a product that is pre-painted under the Australian standard quality. It has become the optimal choice of Skilled Fencing Perth.

The Colorbond material contains Zincalume steel, a mixture of properties from zinc and aluminum. The result is a Colorbond with strong, corrosion-resistant properties, perfect for long-lasting protection and home privacy.

Advantages Of Colorbond Steel

An excellent fence comes with how protected your family is and how long it will last. Fortunately, Colorbond steel offers not only high-quality protection but also several advantages, which makes your investments worth it.

Improved Visual Appeal of the Property

Fences made out of wood and chain links have a particular color that may or may not compliment the overall appeal of your home. Sometimes, it would look like it’s standing out and may seem incompatible with your house’s aesthetic. Colorbond fixes that issue due to its design.

Most Colorbond fences feature modern lines without affecting the landscape and overall design. Simply put, the Colorbond steel blends well and compliments your surroundings.

Wider Options of Colorbond Colours

When ordering Colorbond fences, it will be delivered to you finished and waiting for installation. Currently, Colorbond steel offers several colors to choose from. This means there won’t be any visual conflicts when it comes to finding the best hue that matches your property.

Enhanced Life-Span

Colorbond steel guarantees long-lasting protection for every household. With its five-layered security, the Colorbond steel is created to withstand heavy blows, have resistance to rot and termites, block fire, and prevent corrosion from weather conditions.

Easy Maintenance

All fences need maintenance. While wood and other materials need other products to be cleaned and restored, the only thing Colorbond Fences need is water.

During prolonged dry weeks, you only need to wash down the fences with water and make sure the bottom part is free from any debris. This is more than enough to make the Colorbond fences last longer. Since minimum water washing is needed, even natural rainwater does the trick.

Better Privacy and Security

As mentioned earlier, Colorbond fencing offers quality privacy and protection. Colorbond fencing removes any footholds possible due to its sleek design, making it harder to climb, unlike chain links that are climbable to any physically able individual.

Aside from being impossible to climb onto, Colorbond steel has no gaps to peek through. If installed properly, all sides will be covered by Colorbond fences. You can also opt for Colorbond gates with gaps so you can look outside the house through the gate.

Overall, hard to climb fences and gapless walls makes you less of a target for intruders, and they might think twice before getting inside your home.

Benefits Of Colorbond Fencing to the Environment

Production of Colorbond steel takes consideration of the ecosystem. Environmentally-conscious individuals can safely purchase these fencing types because of several reasons.

First is that all materials are recyclable, and can be used as another resource material later on. This means no waste was made during installation, and no excess would be transported to a landfill. Aside from its ability to be recycled at the end of its working life, Colorbond steel materials decrease the need for gathering new raw minerals and other resources.

Second, from the manufacturing to the installation process, Colorbond steel bears no chemical waste and does not damage the environment when placed in homes. This feature not only protects your home but also reduces the risk of damaging nearby plants and water sources.

Lastly, to maintain Colorbond steel fences, you’ll require only water. As mentioned earlier, when you purchase Colorbond steel, its color stays indefinitely, meaning you do not have to use paint with heavy metals and chemicals to retain its look. Occasional washing and cleaning of its surroundings make the Colorbond steel last longer.


Protecting your home is one of the most significant investments you will ever make. Colorbond fencing has been in the market for the longest time, and it stands as one of the top preferences when it comes to home protection and privacy. If you are looking for cost-effective, low maintenance, modern, and environmentally friendly fences, then choosing Colorbond steel fences would be the obvious choice.


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