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PrepScholar: Good? Bad? Ugly?

iCrowdNewswire   Nov 6, 2020  9:22 AM ET

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You probably have heard about PrepScholar if you have had a chance to be admitted in the college. It was founded by Fred Zhang and Allen Cheng who are former Harvard students. The platform is well known for its preparatory programs for tests, but students can also find standardised tests like TOEFL and PSAT. Besides, you could be wondering how is PrepScholar good for beginners. Well, the answer is that it aids learners in running college admissions more efficiently. For these reasons, the platform has cut an edge above other providers in the industry, courtesy of a policy of hiring top of the range instructors.

The Good

College Admissions

After completing high school, your dream is probably to join a top-tier college. However, the process is quite rigorous, but PrepScholar is there for you. It is customised into four options to suit your needs. First is the comprehensive admissions package where you are offered a personal consultant to scrutinise your background and the school that you wish to join. The consultant will literally take you through the whole process of admission, reviewing reporting date, soliciting funds for you and collecting study materials. Secondly is the full essays service that incorporates topic selection and drafting. Essay editing is the third option, that includes revising and finalising. Lastly is the mentorship package that prepares you to make the college applications.

Variety of Content

PrepScholar has excelled beyond other companies because of its attention to variety. When you seek services from the platform, it is just like a one-stop shopping centre where you find everything that you need. For instance, you will find over 1300 questions for practice, with each question having answers and details of how the solution was arrived at. There are also practice tests to give you an experience of what you should expect in class. If you do not have time to attend physical lessons, PrepScholar has you covered through online classes, each with in-person tutors. Learners can also find strategy videos to build their skills as well as problem-solving videos.


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Given that the services offered are designed for students, management has factored in the need to reduce prices. However, this does not mean that services are compromised. For example, the cost of a GRE prep is as low as $38, and the maximum is $345. Remember that the price is inclusive of all packages. There is also a guarantee that you will have your money back if you fail to enhance your grade by more than 7 points.

The Bad

Some options are too expensive

Even though PrepScholar takes care of the plight of the students, there are some options that are heavily priced. For example, GMAT prep costs up to $3399, a fee that can be afforded by just a handful of learners. There is a wrong assumption that since the packages are designed for postgraduate students who are somehow employed, they should be expensive. This is a source of discouragement for many who are willing to pursue programs, yet they have limited resources.

There is no mobile app

PrepScholar only runs on desktop and has no mobile app. This makes it to lack flexibility when most students prefer an app where they can run their activities from anywhere. Sometimes it becomes cumbersome when you have to stay in a room to conduct classes or go through some notes without the comfort of adjusting your position since you have to stay at the table to use the computer.

The Ugly

It is reported that the company founders and management have poor communication skills, and they do not respect other workers.

Secondly is that founders have converted the project into a money minting scheme that has neglected the purpose of education to pursue other interests.

The company does not have any culture for a working environment. Employees simply execute their duties in silence and leave. This is contributed by poor leadership where management has failed to build a sound structure of teamwork.


PrepScholar is a valuable company working in the test prep industry and that is turning around activities in the education sector. Despite a few shortcomings, the platform has improved the grades of several students. The immense variety of products makes it the best in the industry. Check it out and explore its value.


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