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Crafting Diamonds Under Pressure: How Bergman Interiors not only survived the pandemic but thrived, expanding, and rebranding into Bergman Design House.

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With the pandemic-induced lockdowns around the world, Bergman Interiors was forced to close its doors around the world, including its headquarters in the U.K. and global offices in India, Singapore, and Spain. Many of the company’s lucrative projects were forced into indefinite suspension. However, Bergman Founders, Marie Soliman and Albin Berglund, were determined to adapt their business strategy and repurpose this setback into a fortuitous opportunity. Soliman and Berglund found. Read More>>

The painter Pierre Paul Marchini denounces the exploitation of artists by the “art world” and launches his own sales channel

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Attention, nothing is going any more in the universe of the Culture! More and more voices are rising to challenge abusive practices in a sector that is nonetheless very profitable: each year, culture and creation bring in 100 billion euros for the French economy ( source ). Singer Pascal Obispo has just created his own application to escape the stranglehold of record companies ( source ), cartoonists and comic book authors have signed a call. Read More>>

ARIDO Presenting a Multi Billion Dollar Collection in Tribute to Lorenzo Soria Hollywood Foreign Press Association President During Venice Film Festival 2020

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Founded by a scion descendant of the Maimonides, a prominent 11th century family, that set sail to South East Asia bringing gems and luxury goods back to Europe, Jesse Raphael & Celebrity Guru Thomas Chappell, a world class designer with a background in fashion, art and history. The director of the Venice International Film Festival described Soria as “a beautiful person, kind and generous; these rare qualities are not frequent. Read More>>

Bible Lands Museum to Tour Lamar, Colo. Sept. 13-15

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                  CONTACT: BibleLandsM@comcast.net     Bible Lands Museum to Tour Lamar, Colo. Sept. 13-15   Free to the Public, Exhibits Will Include: Scale Model of 1st Century Jerusalem, Taylor Prism Reproduction, The Great Isaiah Scroll Reproduction, Roman Armor, Authentic Ancient Artifacts, and More   LAMAR, Colo.— Sept. 5, 2019—Bible Lands Museum today announced that it will be on tour in Lamar, Colo. during the month of September. Read More>>

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