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Press Release – Best Practices In Modern Distribution

Press Release - Best Practices in Modern Distribution - iCrownNewswire

Press releases, since their inception, have relied much on optimal distribution networks and channels to work their magic. While the basic press release format has been relatively unchanged for more than a century now, press release distribution methods in large have been revolutionized with every change in distribution and marketing methods over the past ten decades. From newspapers to TV channels to the digital marketing practices of today, press release distribution has come a long way to the press release best practices of distribution of today that we know and are used to. What might be the best modern practices of press release distribution? We take a look.

These practices, as some might argue, are more the concern of the press release distribution service rather than the clientele who avail their services. However, it is the responsibility of the person availing the service to ensure that the press release distribution service enlisted for the job does all that; the press release best practices that are so common in the current times. Of course, it is up to the distribution service itself, from that point onwards, to make sure these practices are followed, true to the word.

For instance, it is up to the press release distribution service to create and maintain distribution channels and websites with a substantial number of viewers, to help propel the press release to the desired number of views, as requested and paid for by the user. This whole process obviously starts by the person who availed the service; it is their job to research and subsequently choose which service, which platform is best for them and which platform conforms to the modern press release best practices prevalent in the market.

With that being said, choosing the right service is very critical to the whole process. One might call it a make-or-break decision, since going with the better service will surely cost much, but will deliver the best and most optimal results. Cheap out on selecting the best press release distribution service, and the whole shebang will be doomed from the start. That’s why you need to ensure that the service in question has a good know-how of press release best practices and has it included in their options for the customers. If not, you need to consider one that has all the modern practices used for press release distribution.

We keep mentioning press release best practices, but what are these best practices in reality? And how are they different, now that we’ve entered 2021? Let’s get into it,

Best Press Release Practices in Modern Distribution

Best Press Release Practices in Modern Distribution - iCrowdNewswire

Modern press release distribution is a far cry from the practices prevalent in 90s and even the early 2000s. Up until 2010, when the whole social media landscape really blew up, press release distribution was pretty much old school: TV adverts, newspapers, the whole lot. With social media and digital marketing, we were introduced to new ways of getting the word out and across, we were introduced to instant communication. But most of all, this market was introduced to new ways of distributing press releases, methods that were very much in tune with the times we live in. And that is what these ‘press release best practices’ are. It’s press release distribution that’s fit for the 21st century.

Take, for example, the simple problem of getting the press release to the exact demographic, that said release is intended for. Singling and targeting the demographic is necessary; you wouldn’t advertise Weetabix to the children and elders certainly don’t appreciate stupid little toys in their marshmallow cereals (even if they ate one) with the same gusto a kid might do. So, take it from us that demographic targeting is imperative.

With modern, best practices for press release distribution, you can be sure of the demographic targeting, that an industry-leading service like iCrowdNewswire can give you, ensuring that the press release only gets to the strata of society that you have identified as your potential audience, not elsewhere. This, in turn, ensures that your release and your product or service being advertised gets the maximum return-on-investment (ROI) possible, thanks to the best press release distribution practices made better by modern technologies and new strategies.

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Here are a few of the press release best practices that you can look for the next time you want to get someone from the press release industry on board,

Advert Designing

Advert Designing - iCrowdNewswire

The first of many best practices in press release distribution in the digital marketing age is proper and attractive advert designing. This is the reason why press release marketing in general has blown up so much in recent times, thanks to newer introductions of social media marketing and other practices. In the olden days of newspapers and magazines, you just couldn’t get the reader to read, save for a really catchy headline and some colors. Nowadays, all you need is just the really catchy headline and you’re all set; modern digital marketing practices ensure that the user always looks at adverts before getting down to business and this is exactly what modern press release distribution best practices capitalize on.

With attractive designs and really good content/ copywriting at hand, a press release can be turned into a really hard-to-miss advert that adorns a popular website of the same niche; you wouldn’t want to advertise for something really irrelevant on The Wall Street Journal. With this part of best press release distribution practice, your release essentially transforms into a really catchy advert that can be then utilized to garner views, impressions and lots of clicks. That is how you design a press release advert to comply with the modern press release best distribution practices.

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Advert Placement

Advert placement - iCrowdNewswire

The second part in best practices for modern press release distribution is optimal advert placement, which means placing the press release adverts at websites where the demographic identified will visit and interact with. As explained beforehand, you would not want to advertise Weetabix for kids and vice versa, that’s just bad marketing. It’s the same deal for press release marketing; issuing a music press release on The Wall Street Journal won’t do anyone any good. This is exactly what is meant by optimal advert placement; the right advert at the right place.

It is among the press release best practices for modern distribution method that a press release advert follows some basic guidelines when it comes to placement, with the first one being the demographic point. You need to upload and display the advert on a website that is used and frequented by members of a certain demographic (obviously the one identified as the best for said release). This practice ensures that the right message gets delivered to the right audience on the right platform. These three rights will mean big numbers for your press release and will ultimately translate to big sales number for your business.

Market Trends

Market Trends - iCrowdNewswire

Market relevancy is just as critical as demographic relevancy. With quickly shifting market trends and preferences, your press release needs to be malleable as well, able to satisfy the customer and the reader, no matter what the cultural zeitgeist of today dictates. That is certainly not saying that the release should state something really offensive that does not sit well with the general population.

No. What it means is that the press release should simply, be in tune with the times we live in, but most importantly, it should resonate with the market trends in such a way that it fits right in. Considering the fact that the market now rapidly changes and goes through trends, this is one of the sides of press release best practices in modern times that has become quite the headache (but not for the top-notch companies).

Your press release needs to land in the social media arena at a time when the topic is hot and trending; not when the milk has spilt and already gone down the drain. Timing is really important when it comes to market trends and the press release distribution service should be aware of the trends and should capitalize on them to further increase the views of the release.

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Analytical Reports

Analytical Reports - iCrowdNewswire

One of the best practices in modern distribution of press releases is the analytical reports that accompany a final report back to customer, which bares it all for the person to see. These reports are certainly a winner when it comes to best press release distribution practices, since they offer an inside view of how the whole distribution went. Whether it was good, bad, where the release lacked and where it exceeded expectations and really outperformed itself, these reports make all these vital stats and numbers viewable for the person who bought the package. This is basically Good After-Sales Services 101 at display.

However, bear in mind, when it comes to analytical reports, no two companies are the same. Many just outright ditch the whole concept of an after-sales report and just end the relationship with the customer once the release gets to its requisite views. Services which follow the press release best practices for modern distribution don’t just do the customer dirty like that; instead, they go above and beyond with reports like the ones ReleaseLive provides (Master distribution report, white label distribution report, among others) to really show how much the press release performed. This is one of the must-have best practices for press release distribution that potential customer should look for when in the market for a press release distribution service.

Distribution Networks

Distribution Networks - iCrowdNewswire

The lifeblood of any press release distribution service, distribution networks are the many websites and resources that the press release is carried on to for distribution and viewing by the general public. Ideally, the service compliant to best press release distribution practices would have access to the best websites for a niche with high traffic and really good content, ensuring that the press release gets the desired number of views and impressions.

These distribution networks range from websites of established news carriers like The Wall Street Journal, New York Times and in-house distribution resources, websites tailor-made for press release distribution that display said release advert.

But that’s not all. Distribution channels and networks also include the many extras press release distribution services throw in as extras; paid adverts on Google, Facebook and other high-traffic social media sites, releases being featured on news powerhouses like Apple News and Google News, the whole deal. These too are part of the distribution network and are the primary means of distributing the press release, which is exactly why they come in on the list of best press release distribution practices. Because with a good number and quality of these networks and resources, your release will be outperforming consistently, when it comes to views, clicks and impressions.

Geographic & Demographic Targeting

Geographic & Demographic Targeting - iCrowdNewswire

Targeting a demographic down to the last person has been talked about much in this passage, but what about geographic targeting down to the zip code or state. Many services, like ReleaseLive provide this sort of pin-point targeting accuracy, but what does it actually mean, this whole targeting deal?

To understand this, you first need to know that press releases, while global, can also be region-specific. And since the latter type outnumber the former, one really needs to identify both the demographic and the state, country or region its supposed to go to. Press release best practices for distribution ensure that a release only shows up on the screen of the user who’s in the demographic and in the region; good luck trying to sell coal to Newcastle.

While we’ve established that demographics are really important to nail down, the same goes for the geographic targeting as well.

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In a nutshell

The above-mentioned points are the press release best practices for distribution in the modern world, where digital marketing has become a big thing and now dictates much of how advertising and marketing should be done; and press release marketing is no different. These best practices are all the result of the digitization of press release marketing and following these pointers can help give your release the edge it needs.

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