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Oct 2, 2019 3:27 AM ET

Betting Strategies: Successful Tricks for Sports Beginners

iCrowd Newswire - Oct 2, 2019

Do you want to make a winning bet for football? Are you doing it for passion and fun or want to make a profit? To earn money from football betting needs specific strategies. These strategies can increase your probability to win. Here are some great betting strategies from the sports world. Make sure to understand them before you start betting.

Back and Lay at BetFair

If you are betting on a particular outcome of an event or game like football, you are using back bets. In lay bets, people bet against the football predictions. This strategy allows you to sell and deal with your bets on bookmakers similar to Betfair.

In the first step, a Betfair back-bets and odds are marked with blue shade. Secondly, it is a standard bet to put a stake in the bet’s outcome. If you are betting for 10 Euros on a team, win the amount of stake as per odds. For instance, 10 Euro and 1.67 times mean 16.70 Euro. You have to deduct the amount of stake (10 Euro) to earn a clear profit.

In this method, Betfair may charge a commission of almost 5 percent from your profit. It means you will have a 95% profit in your account. In case of losing a bet, there is no need to pay a commission.

Double Chance

It is an online betting strategy for risk-averse bettors. You can bet on two outcomes to increase your winning probability by almost 33%. Remember, a sport has three possible consequences, such as loss, draw, or win. Compared to an ordinary bet, you can decrease the risk by betting on two outcomes.

Fulltime/Halftime Bets

If you are ready to take more risk, you can try this strategy. In this case, you will bet on the full-time result and halftime standings of a sport. This category is similar to double bets. It has the same benefits to wincast/sorecast betting.

You can win this bet after predicting the full-time result and halftime standing correctly. There is only a precondition that a break disturbs an event. Remember, fulltime, and halftime bets are perfect for American football, basketball, and rugby.


These bets are suitable to expect a favored win. In this strategy, you will bet on a team with a handicap (backlog) that must be equalized through the game. The winning odds may be higher than other bets. In this bet, a bookmarker grants a lead to the weaker team that will become the part of an actual outcome.

Head-to-Head Bets

Similar to its name, this strategy allows you to bet on two competing individuals in a contest. It is interesting to bet on individual sports. Make sure to bet on two contestants of a team. The performance of other team members can be irrelevant.

The players of this bet may get two possibilities to put a tip on the defeat or victory of two players. Feel free to use this bet to compare motorsports pilots and ski racers.


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