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Sep 26, 2019 2:48 AM ET

Sports Shops – Where Are They Going Wrong?

iCrowd Newswire - Sep 26, 2019

I had been thinking of getting some new gym equipment the other day, and my head shot to the large named stores like DW Sports or Sports Direct but a number of these shops are trying to compete with dedicated sports sites that are taking sales away from them quickly!

These stores are trying to work out why the sites do so well, and the primary reason they have found is the assortment of gear that they market; I mean, we have been in one of those big named sports stores at least once right? What was there? Tracksuits, trainers and the bits and pieces for soccer are not a lot there. It is not good enough is it; they are letting down the shoppers.

Online retailers have begun to take advantage of the lack of inventory by seeing what other sports are out there and what the customer may desire, and stocking their website with gear for the popular sports such as rugby & snooker in addition to ensuring they have many different stock for different sports such as cricket & croquet.

Equipment can be purchased. I cannot think of way sports outlets to have a chance in competing the more unusual hobbies and sports are accounted for on these sites, with sports like American football & baseball being easily catered for.

Another thing that is affecting the high street names is these pesky sites can get their inventory for lower prices because ufa of lower supply costs; this will without doubt have a dramatic impact on the costs on the site. With that in mind, surely it cannot be too long until the primary retailers decline and vanish.

Is their lack of kits for sport teams? Many a time I’ve had to search online for a rugby shirt, as they all seem to stock is soccer shirts – I have looked and appeared in countless shops and it is always the same, Arsenal, Manchester United, and Liverpool. They turning business is they never stock the kits.


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