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Oct 19, 2019 8:53 AM ET

Tips To Make Money from Poker

iCrowd Newswire - Oct 19, 2019

Poker is one of the best games out there. The thing which makes it even better is the hidden secrets an insiders’ knowledge. The player has to learn these secrets to make money in poker qq. This is not a cakewalk. Therefore, even the professionals with years of experience, lose money in this game.

That is why we say that experience is not the only thing you need to become a pro player.  A player needs various skills to master this game and earn a regular income from it.

Therefore, in this post, we will discuss a lot of tips, tricks, and secrets that can improve your overall game. So let’s begin:

Drinking water is necessary to avoid dehydration. Dehydration causes bad decision making and affects your game. Therefore, keep drinking water throughout the game.  Do not drink alcohol because it also causes dehydration.

Take a break of five minutes. During that break, get up from the chair and stretch your arms and legs. Go out and take a walk. Breathe fresh air outside.

In easy words, sitting in a chair for hours is not good for health. Therefore, take a contemporary break and stretch out your body.

Make sure you do not pump out yourself and play aggressively in the game afterward. Just keep it in mind and don’t let it affect your game.

You should consider making these breaks a regular habit for every two hours. This will gradually increase your performance in the game.

During a big hand, it is common to feel heavy breaths. But letting them out is a big mistake that players do.  Your opponent is always looking for signs to predict you. Therefore, it is necessary for you to control your breath.

To do this, simply stare at a point on the table and think of something relaxing. This will make you calm and silent.

In addition to it, make sure your breathing pattern is the same throughout the game. If you are breathing like a sprint runner in the beginning then breathe like that throughout the game. Or you can just try to stay calm from the beginning itself.

You have to avoid eating heavy food before your game for some obvious reasons. Same as you avoid eating before a date. You need to be sharp and focus on the game all the time. Therefore, avoid eating a heavy meal before a game.

This is a very good method to control the tilt in the game. Think about a situation when you lose against your opponent.  You lose even being way too ahead. Think of all the money you could win that time. Think about it a thousand times. Hence, it will help you to make better decisions.

Never reveal how much money you have won before and how much you plan to invest today. Let the opponents think that you play this game just for fun and don’t mean it as a business. However, you should mean it as a business but don’t reveal. Once your bankroll information is leaked, it can be used against you. Therefore, avoid talking about it.

It is common to see the losing players either packing up or making higher bets to deceive their opponents. By higher bets, the opponent may think that the player has better cards and he is likely to pack up. However, we will reverse this methodology. We will trap the loser who shows these signs. Wait to be in a favorable spot and then extract all the money from the loser, using his own tactics.

Try to know all about the game before you start playing. Try to know things like the game rules, tactics, and player information. You just won’t like to play with some players because of their bad nature. Therefore, know it all before you hop in.

If you get the privilege to know the players before the game then do not miss it. You should rank the players according to their skills by comparing them to yourself. You should rank players in three categories: better, worse, and equal.

In easy words, this will give you an idea of which games will gain you money, or lose money. If it is costing you money then you can leave the table or switch it.

A pro player once said- “there is always another hand”. This statement is correct in various contexts. You can always start a new game if you have sufficient bank balance. If you are among the people who don’t like to get up in-between then you can never find our best game. Hence, you will never make huge profits. Therefore, don’t feel shy in getting up from a game where you don’t feel comfortable.

If you feel uncomfortable for all the games then first study the situation. There can be a chance that your poker circle is full of toxic people. Therefore, you should look for other games in situs poker online.

These small things like clothes can lead to an unbelievable change in your game. If you want to win big amounts then you have to play for longer hours. Therefore, to do that you need to be comfortable. You have to worry about the game and not your belt. So wear comfortable clothes.

If you are feeling any of these three things then you have a 99% chance of getting tilted. Every player should know about it. You need to be a strong poker player to hide your feelings. No matter if you are angry because you just divorced, beaten your dog, or be broke. You need to make worthwhile decisions.

Being hungry can be the worst thing in your game. Due to hunger, you will focus on your basic necessities rather than the game. Drink plenty of water and eat something light before starting the game.

Also, when your body is tired, your brain is tired too. Therefore, you can never make good decisions with a tired mind. Hence, don’t play when you are angry, hungry, or tired.

All competitive games have their own set of rules. Poker also has is also a game of etiquette. If you are new to this game and don’t know the rules then ask someone. Once you are familiar with the rules, do your best to follow them. If you don’t follow the rules and etiquettes then people will start hating you. You don’t have to become the dirty fish.

Tilt is an important factor of poker in both good and bad ways. This can be a weakness in you that you need to work on. You can also consider it as a black hole that takes all the profit inside it. The less you get tilt, the more you make money. Therefore, fighting the tilt is an important factor to win a lot of money.

You can look at tilt as an advantage by finding them in your opponent. The moment you find the tilt in your opponent, be alert and make the best decisions you can. Since in the tilt position, your opponent will be the weakest.

There are a lot of game variants in poker online. All of them have different strategies and rules. Therefore, master one game first and then move to another. For instance, TEXAS HOLD’em is known to be the most complex poker game. The reason for that is the number of variations in the game itself. It is something easy to learn but you have to walk a thousand miles tom master it. Therefore, spend some time with the game and study everything about it. And then move to something else.

Stop teaching the newbies about the game. Chances are there that he will beat you in your own game. You have to let the bad player make the same mistake again and can recognize where he went wrong. In that way, you will win money and he will learn a lesson. They also feel irritated when you teach them about something while looting them. Therefore, keep your mouth shut.

You need to be disciplined throughout the game and avoid getting tilted. Discipline will keep you focused and can help you make better decisions. Therefore, be disciplined.


There is a lot more to say about poker. It is an amazing game and no one can really master it. But with these insider secrets, you can easily become a professional poker player in no time. Therefore, keep practicing these secret tips and tricks to win the game. You can always come up later if in case you forget something. Till then have some nice cards.


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