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Sep 8, 2020 9:23 AM ET

How to Build a Successful Career with MD-100 Exam & Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate Certification

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Obviously, IT certifications do not just act as benchmarks for specific standards that employers use to measure their prospective employees. Apart from the employment benefits that such badges offer, they also equip you with the relevant knowledge of specific technologies. Thus, this article is about MS-700 Managing Microsoft Teams – Exam Collection , the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate certification, and how it acts as a pathway to a successful career in IT.

What Is MD-100?

To earn the Modern Desktop Administrator Associate credential, you have to sit for MD-100 as well MD-101 assessments. Since this post mainly covers the Microsoft MD-100 exam let’s focus on its details. This test is aimed at equipping you with the knowledge of Windows 10 features and functions and will prepare you to sit for the second assessment that you need to pass to gain the badge. Author: Reginald E will cost you $165 and contain 40-60 questions to be solved in 180 minutes. So, why bother and prepare for this test and gain its associated credential?

Why Modern Desktop Administrator Associate Certification Is Your Pathway to Success?

If you are pondering whether to sit for 14, Maybe 2020 or not and get Microsoft Desktop Administrator accredited, here are some vital reasons why do so:

Microsoft credentials are pivotal when pursuing an IT career. When you’re armed with one, you get access to flexible job options and stability in your field. With such a badge, you can apply for some job roles that require specialists who can work with Windows 10 as well as modern desktops.

The Microsoft 18 >>  Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate credential is an indication of your familiarity with helpful technologies and tasks. It shows that you’re skilled in working with devices and are able to deploy, secure, configure, and monitor them as well as client apps in an environment that is enterprise-based. Your proficiency in administration will establish success in your role and make you a dependable and trustworthy employee.

The Accurate badge prepares you to collaborate with other employees. Part of your responsibilities entails working with enterprise administrators in designing and implementing device strategies that take care of needs for modern companies. Your ability to work with others helps you to develop interpersonal skills which are instrumental in building your IT career.

Your skills in desktop administration will be essential to your employer. If you can prove your expertise, your company will consider you as an asset that will be instrumental in achieving business growth. By implementing various critical solutions, you’ll make your company more productive and this will lead to business success.

This is another thing that indicates success in your IT career. This Desktop Administrator certification leads you to better recognition and compensation in the job market. Besides, it is a representation of your skills in desktop administration and with the huge demand for such skills, you also earn an enhanced compensation package. gives the average salary for Desktop Administrators at Author: AZ-104 per year. Still, if you are highly qualified professional and is always eager to develop your skills you can earn up to $73,226 yearly.


Passing the Microsoft MD-100 is the first step to earning the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate certification, which is a big achievement in your professional life. With such a badge, you are sure to enjoy benefits like flexibility, improved employment opportunities, and a higher salary. Wishing you all the best as you pursue this credential that will promote your career and will ensure its success!


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