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Oct 18, 2019 1:32 AM ET

Choosing a Right Moving Company

iCrowd Newswire - Oct 18, 2019

Moving is decided and the first thing that comes to your mind is choosing a right moving company. Though a right moving company can make your move a lot easier than usual but on the other hand choice of wrong company can take you into many troubles including moving frauds, loss or damage of property, un-worked hours, labour/workers arriving late and sometimes even the company doesn’t honour the estimates given.Be sure to select the right movers and they have all the tools and expertise required for the moving process when you are packing up your family, home and belongings.

Ask for References and/or Search and Research Online

The first preference to find the best long distance movers. You can askyour close friends or friends if they have any experience in near past. Your family members, friends and/or colleagues can recommend a good moving company by sharing their personal experiences. Another perfect way of looking for a good company can be searching online. You should not only search but should also research online for the reputation of the company. Be sure to read all the rankings, ratings and also views given by past customers about all the potential companies.

Don’t Stick to One

Don’t just settle with the first company recommended to you or you see online. Keep at least three companies on your choice list. Get quotes of all these companies and select one after proper comparison.

Get an On-Location Survey Done

Don’t believe the quotations given companies over the telephone. Be sure to call representatives of all the selected companies for an on-location survey and get quotation. On location surveys help in avoiding any last minute confusions. Next, just compare the prices and services offered by all the selected companies.Settle for the best estimate given to you from at least three different companies after an in-person survey. Companies make a fuss at the end moment as it is not easy for any company to give you a thorough and correct estimate without seeing all your belongings. So be sure to not entertain any estimates given over phone.

Check Their License and Insurance

Once you have chosen the company make sure that you have also verified the license number of the moving company. This license number is generally issued by U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Also check the insurance status of the movers as this will help you in filing a claim against the company later if the need be.

Check and Verify the Proper Business Address of the Movers

You should look for the business address of the moving company. To avoid any moving fraud the first thing that you need to be sure of is to not appoint anyone over telephone. Once on-location survey is done, then ask for their business address. Business address can be checked on the mover’s website. You can verify the listed address online and/or through the phonebook. Check if the moving company’s address is listed and registered under the company name. Be sure that the address is not listed under a residential name. These small steps can save you from possible big moving frauds.

Know the Difference between a Moving Company and Moving Broker

A number of moving frauds are done by moving brokers. Many a times, we mistake moving brokers as a moving company. Educate yourself enough about it. Moving brokers hire services and present to you as their own but moving companies provide all the services of its own. Be sure to hire a professional moving company and not moving brokers.


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