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Sep 30, 2019 8:05 AM ET

Your Arabic Translation Partner in Egypt

iCrowd Newswire - Sep 30, 2019

Revenue boosting has now become possible with the help of a low-cost path called localization. However, many business owners skeptical about the localization strategy because of dissatisfaction from their previous translation service provider.

If you want to go global and do not have a clue on how to penetrate a new market, your best bet would be to procure a translation service provider that holds a detail-oriented approach towards the translation process and understands the cultural nuances of Middle Eastern regions.

Targeting the MENA regions specifically Egypt would not be an easy task owing to their high context culture. To attain a full understanding of the Arabic language, one must know the Arab culture broadly. The overall ethos of the culture is shaped by society’s social habits, customs, religion, etc. It is essential to know what local people want, how they think and most importantly what motivates them. Having a cosmopolitan essence, Arab people especially Egyptians give great importance to their religion and history and consider them an integral part of their life.

Now every entrepreneur trying to establish a business in the Middle East would ask themselves if they speak the customer’s local language. According to Dotshakaba, approximately three percent of content is generated in the Arabic language which speaks volumes of the increased need for translation services. Moreover, there is a huge barrier in the international market that hinders trade and global partnerships; that is related to its infrastructure. According to a report conducted by GSMA, the African region is one of the most disconnected regions in the world with numerous consumer barriers that hold the content back from achieving spur of growth in the international arena. Although there is an increase in internet access to people, issues like low connectivity when it comes to 3G persists while the population densities increase.

All these underlying issues in the MENA region are undoubtedly rooted in the lack of language development. According to Africa Business Insights, compartmentalization in the previous era has affected the natives as they stick to their mother languages to rekindle with their past. However, when it comes to the commercial aspect and globalized world, limiting to native languages can be problematic especially if the mother language isn’t English. Nevertheless, there is still a chance for such communities to grow and flourish if businesses start to can be tackled if more and more translation companies pitch in and service global businesses in incorporating African languages to target such African communities as well.

Arabic Translation Company

Future Trans is a proud ISO 17100 certified provider of translation services operating in the Middle East and Asia for 20+ years. Headquartered in Egypt, a place that breathes culture, history and tradition, Future Trans understands the societal aspects inside and out. It also has offices in the UAE and the USA to assist the global and local businesses in providing accurate translations with absolute precision.

Future Trans has been spearheading the translation sector for many years now, with the use of efficient translation management systems and translation memory to add extra layers of quality on your content. Moreover, it continues to meet client expectations through its forward-thinking approach and sound project management software.

Furthermore, we at Future Trans have a large team comprised of world-class linguists and language experts to scrutinize very aspect in the translation process

Arabic Translation Services

Future Trans utilizes technology at every step of the localization process to ensure seamlessness in translations. That is exactly why all the services are top-notch according to industry standards. Here are some of the translation services that we offer in the Arabic language:

Arabic document translation services

Future Trans offers a wide variety of Arabic translation services from automotive to healthcare and legal to tourism. Moreover, all kinds of documents and pages including

websites, legal documents, etc. are accurately translated in a given time.

Why Future Trans?

Growth in MENA Region

With a forward-thinking approach, translation companies such as Future Trans are making their way to achieve substantial growth in the MENA region. From startups to global giants, many companies are reaching out to translation providers to fix their localization strategies. With a rapid increase in internet users daily, countries like Egypt, Bahrain and Jordan are making strides in terms of economic success. In addition to that, communication and digital methods are better than ever, owing to the country’s increasing awareness of technology and systems.


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