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Oct 1, 2019 2:18 AM ET

Tips To Keep Your Children Safe Against Online Threats

iCrowd Newswire - Oct 1, 2019

It is not bad to give your teen a healthy sense of independence. Where our children want us to trust them, they also need our help to keep them on track.

Teen years are the most energetic time of everyone’s life. In this age, youngsters explore new things, meet new people, and enter into new boundaries. They need guidelines because the teen’s brain makes complex judgements. They make decisions out of emotions. Sometimes they take daring steps to impress their friends. In teen years children don’t think about their future, and they make mistakes which sometimes cause troubles.

Most parents pamper their children in childhood until they enter in teen years. But for me, the actual care and awareness children need is in their teenage years. They spend more time with their friends, love night parties, daring things. They keep active on social media and make new friends. Sometimes they demand each other to meet in person, which can cause trouble.

If technology has made things easy at the same time they are also complicated. Most parents are anxious about their children. They complain that they don’t even know where their children spend most of the time. If you’re also here to get a solution to your problems, then luckily you’re at the right forum.

1. Get Yourself Familiar with Spying Apps

You are anxious about where your child spends his/her time? No worries today various apps and tools are available which can inform you about the location of your child without letting him/her know. For example, by setting geo fencing, you can get notification when your child leaves the area that applies to a target device, and it sends you a notification. You can even control the internet activities of your children by using some other spying apps. You can search on the internet to know how you can buy these tools.

2. Monitor Social Media Accounts

Today kids are more active on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. They post their pictures and share their live locations which can be dangerous for them. In the past few years, cyberbullying is a reason for suicides. One can easily get access to others personal information and picture and misuse it. By installing spying apps you can monitor their online activities and control how much private informational data they share.

3. Limit Their Screen Time

Today’s children tend to spend their time on laptops or mobile phones. May be the first time they unintentionally click to open an irrelevant page, but the next time they will do it intentionally. Most kids make an excuse that they are assigned with research-based homework and use the internet. Whenever your children tend to use the internet do check what type of website they surf. Check browser history to get an idea of what sort of content your child search on the internet.

4. Talk to Children About Their Privacy

Most parents overlook the importance of having a conversation with their children. They don’t warn them about online threats. They need to know that when once they share their inappropriate pictures or information with anyone they will not be able to delete it. Also educate them about how sex offenders can exploiter them.


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