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Sep 24, 2019 2:38 AM ET

When can one feel the baby kick?

iCrowd Newswire - Sep 24, 2019

When does the baby start to move inside the womb? When can the mother feel that from inside? Well, according to many gynaecologists, the spontaneous feeling of a baby’s movement inside the body mostly start when they reach about 8 weeks of pregnancy. This is a clear sign that the baby’s central nervous system is developing but one cannot feel that from outside because the babies are still very tiny for the mother to feel anything else.

Once the mother starts the feeling of the baby’s movement the first thing they think is when will my husband feel the baby kick? Well, this cannot happen before one reaches to their 22nd week of pregnancy. In fact, the mother can start feeling the sense of the baby kicking when they are 16 weeks pregnant. But this completely depends on how the baby is positioned inside the uterus. One can feel the movement of the baby if the uterus is at the same level as that of the belly button and the baby has become large enough. Like if the baby is almost 1 pound by weight by then, it can become easier for the mother to feel the baby’s movement. They can also feel it as early as when they are only 12 weeks pregnant.

But if one does not feel the movement of the baby even after they have reached the 22nd week then one must go to a doctor to get a medical attention. There can be a lot of reasons behind why one is not feeling the baby’s movement. For example; one may have put on some extra weight and hence they are not feeling much movement from inside. In fact, sometimes the position of the placenta can also be a bit muffling and there can be some sensations. It can also be a serious issue like can genetic one which can cause the delay.

The very first movement from the baby does not feel like a kick at all. There can be too much of carbonation. Sometimes one can also feel that their stomach is flipping like a roller coaster. There are many women who can confuse the baby’s movement as just gas bubbles. But that is not the case here. But after the pregnancy reaches its 22nd week the karate like kick comes from inside.

But women often ask that when can my husband feel baby kick? Well, this can only happen when one reaches to their 24th to 28th week of pregnancy. Also how and when the outsider can feel the kick completely depends on the position of the placenta. If there is an anterior placenta then it can make it more difficult for the husband and for the rest of the family to feel the baby kick from outside.

The babies not only kick inside. They also wiggle, flex and stretch and all of these are the signs that the baby is getting developed properly inside. It is said that the babies move more at night.


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