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Sep 27, 2019 5:39 AM ET

RO systems- the way to make the water consumable

iCrowd Newswire - Sep 27, 2019

72% of the earth is composed of water. In the case of new born baby 78% of body is water. Nature highlights the importance of water by such means.  The water is used for many purposed like washing clothes and utensils, cooking purpose and for many others. But the main purpose for which water is used is drinking. Drinking water helps to clean the impurities and guarantees a healthy body all time. This water also ensures clear skin and this is the trick to have beautiful and glowing skin. One cannot suffer from constipation if one drinks water in adequate quantities every day. The whole of the digestive system works in an effective and efficient manner the whole day with the help of drinking water. It is possible to live without food but not possible to live without water for few days. The body loses a lot through dehydration so it is necessary to drink a lot of water. This is also required by muscles in order to keep them toned and finer.

Using RO:  RO water purifiers help to make the water clean and consumable. These are the most important electric appliances in our households as it provides clean and pure drinking water. This is the most commonly used purification process in nations like India. The process removes all toxins, salts and chemicals from water and makes it fit for consumption. These are considered ideal for filtering out the germs from the water.

Working of RO: This is the opposite of osmosis process. During the purification process the water passes through a membrane by large pressures and then the further steps take place. The membrane traps all the impurities like chemicals and toxins present in the water. As a result the remaining water is free from all the impurities. This membrane allows the passing of water molecules but not of impurities. The pressure depends upon the salt concentration in water. More salty water requires more pressure in order to clean it. The water that is passed from the membrane is 95-98% free of impurities. This involves cross filtration than simple filtration which means that water crosses two outlets the filtered and contaminates water go on different paths. There are various parameters like feed pressure, permeate pressure, temperature and permeate flow to judge the capability of the purifier and to judge the performance of the purifiers. In 1 stage system the water enters and then clean water is passed. In 2 stage systems the concentrate from the 1st stage becomes water for the 2nd stage. The water from 1st stage is collected and is combined with permeate water in the 2nd stage. Each stage has certain amount of membranes which help in cleaning the water.

Safe or unsafe: RO water is considered unsafe up to some extent as it removes all the important minerals and salts from the water. There are some minerals which are essential for health and removing them makes the filtered water unsafe to consume. Being bigger in size RO helps to trap the essential minerals from the water. The purified water does not contain the important minerals so that is why it is considered unsafe to consume. The excess of these minerals is also harmful as we get the essential minerals from food and other items also. Even the water does not taste as good like all other brands of bottled water. Also some people say that the RO water is acidic which is not good for health. But every coin has two sides the merits always win over the demerits.

The purified water is free from all kinds of chemicals like arsenic which slowly and gradually harm the human bodies. The loss of minerals is considered better than consuming harmful water. Also some people claim that the purifiers waste a lot of water. But people can use this water for unproductive purposes like washing clothes or watering the plants rather than wasting it. Thus the argument is that ultimately the RO water is safe for drinking and there is no other better alternative available to its cleaning and purification of water. The RO filters form various famous brands use combination of various technologies in order to make the water safe for consumption. Various purifiers now come with some controllers which help to make the water more fit for consumption. This controller helps to adjust the TDS levels in water. This is a way to control total dissolved salts in water. During the whole process the water is categorized into 2 parts:

In part 1 the water goes through the membrane and involves itself in cleaning process. In the second part water passes through a chamber depending upon the type of technology used in the purifier. This also involves a controller that can adjust the necessary minerals and TDS levels in water in order to make it fitter for consumption. Various companies even provide RO AMC which means the annual maintenance contract in which the people visit your homes for service in order to make the various arrangements which help the purifier to run in a good manner. Under this various parts are replaced and repairing is made in order to improve the performance and reduce the expenditures on replacing the whole system. It is advisable to change the cartridges and membranes every year so that there is no harm to the consumers. Normally the maintenance costs are up to the 5-10% of the value of the whole system. It is recommended to put a sedimentation filter in the system so that performance can be improved. This can filter out the mud and dust from the water. The filter can be wall mounted or kept on a table or somewhere as per the convenience of the users. Thus ro is not the best practice to be used for cleaning the water but there is no alternative available for the users. The various companies have come up with the solution of combination of various technologies in order to improve the performance and provide clean drinking water to the users. Thus it has become the necessity of every househole to have a water purifier.


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