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Sep 19, 2019 9:36 AM ET

6 Qualities of Great Startup Employees

iCrowd Newswire - Sep 19, 2019

There are some qualities that you look for in a pet, your significant other, and even in a house or your car. It is just as important to look for great qualities in your startup’s employees. These are the people that are caring for your startups everyday activities. Product development, finance, accounting, advertising and customer service are just some of the things your startup team will oversee. Some qualities you would want to look for would be team players, people with positive attitudes, employees that want to learn and grow, natural problem solvers, collaborators and those with passion.

Your company can be the best it can be with the right staff. Having great startup employees will increase your chance of success. Finding these qualities in your employees may come at a price tag, but startup business financing will allow you to hire your dream team and increase your startups chance at success!

Team Player

So, you know the saying “there is no I in team”, right? Well that is one of the truest sayings when it comes to building a successful startup. So, what does it mean to be a team player? Well, team players are those employees that work well with others to accomplish a mutual goal. Team players are going to be reliable, have a clear understanding of team goals, will encourage others, speak their minds, remain honest and will strive to put in their best work. They keep the interests of the company as one of their top priorities. Team players don’t shut down ideas just because they don’t agree, but instead they ask questions to better understand the idea of their peers. Team players don’t hold back their opinions, they speak up and communicate with their team. Team players encourage their peers and speak to them with respect. Team players make some of the best startup employees! Overall, effective teamwork is good for business. The right mix of knowledge, skill and determination will allow for employees to work in groups effectively.


So, what does it mean to collaborate? Well, it is to work jointly on an activity to produce or create something. So, therefore, a good collaborator will be useful when developing products for your startup or even for solving unexpected problems that arise. Employees that can effectively collaborate will other is another quality of a great startup employee. Collaborators are team focused, generous, appreciative, understanding, curious and is respectful of their peers. Good collaborators also put their ego aside when they step into the office because they are ready to accomplish the mutual goal of the team.

Positive Attitude

Nobody likes a “Debbie downer”! Let’s face it, work can be stressful and sometimes things don’t always go as planned. One of the best qualities of startup employees is there positive attitude. Having a positive attitude will help them better handle situations and lead to clear minded decision making. The more employees with a positive attitude, the more productive the workplace will be. Other positive outcomes of a positive employee would be the ability to collaborate, ability to overcome adversity, lower turnover rates, improves customer service and the overall willingness to think creatively and try new things. Employees that are only capable of focusing on the negative will likely not solve any problems and will slowly bring the rest of their team down with them. Positivity can be spread from one employee to another and create positive outcomes for your startup.

Willingness to Learn

Employees that have the willingness to learn are among the best qualities. It is unlikely that as a startup company that you will find someone that just knows everything. Is there anyone in this world that knows everything? Well, there might be some people that think they do. Hiring an employee with the basic skills required for the job and the right personality might be the answer. An employee’s willingness to learn leaves room for them to find ways to create value, think ahead and add value to the overall company culture. knowledge is power.

Ability to Problem Solve

There are those that complain about problems and those that put one foot in front of the other and solve the problem. A startup is bound to have problems, especially in the early stages of a startup’s growth. Problem solvers know that they are not always right, think outside the box, look deep into challenges with hopes of finding new opportunities, understand obstacles, are open minded and remain objective. Having problem solvers on your team will help save your startup time and money.


Business owners usually treat their company like it is their baby. They are dedicated to their “baby” 24/7, so they can make sure it grows up to be successful. As a startup business owner, you are probably very passionate about your company, right? Well, you should want your employees to be passionate about their work too. Startup employees that are passionate about your business will likely come to work with a positive attitude, be innovative and be a team player. Basically, they want what is best for your “baby” too. The employees that have passion will likely be honest and walk around with integrity. They will also want to invest the time in your company to make sure it grows and reaches its full potential.


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