DooKashi: We make a 100% natural, NON GMO Project Verified odor elimination product that can be used in any animal habitat to eliminate the odor, reduce the ammonia and create a better habitat for animal that has bedding - iCrowdNewswire

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Sep 6, 2016 1:03 PM ET

DooKashi: We make a 100% natural, NON GMO Project Verified odor elimination product that can be used in any animal habitat to eliminate the odor, reduce the ammonia and create a better habitat for animal that has bedding

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 6, 2016


DooKashi Round 2

Kirkland, WA


Proudly Made in the USA

DooKashi is based in Kirkland, WA.  Our products are for poultry, cats, small animals, horses and dogs.  We make a 100% natural, NON GMO Project Verified odor elimination product that can be used in any animal habitat to eliminate the odor, reduce the ammonia and create a better habitat for animal that has bedding.

Our products do not contain any additives, chemicals, perfumes or masking agents.  Every ingredient comes from the USA and DooKashi itself is made in the USA.

We are thrilled to be accepted by a national chain with 3,000 stores.  The first SKU they will carry is the Poultry Product in conjunction with their chicken coops.  We anticipate other SKU’s also being sold through their stores also.

Production is ramping up, with the ship date being December 1st.  This funding will enable us to expand our production and purchase more ingredients on a larger scale, giving us a more favorable COGS.

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About DooKashi


All Natural DooKashi

This is our second campaign with Kickfurther!  We were able to pay out our first campaign early and have an amazing opportunity in front of us, so we decided to come back to Kickfurther for support.  We are excited for the opportunity to engage with this community as well as introduce DooKashi; a product that is currently growing very rapidly.  We are a unique product within the pet industry.  We solve a problem that everyone understands – the not so pleasant smell of animal waste!   Most products that deal with odor in a bedding environment are in the spray format, which adds additional moisture to an already moist environment.  Not the best solution!  DooKashi is a dry product, oat like in texture and is scientifically formulated on a microbial basis.

DooKashi is unique in this space; it is the only NON GMO Project Verified product that is not a food related item in the pet industry.  Additionally, we are beginning to expand its application into the commercial poultry industry.  It is this segment of the industry that we believe will deliver solid long term growth.

DooKashi is currently packaged and sold for 4 different applications; cats, small animals, poultry, and horses.  DooKashi is available in 15 states and 500+ stores.   Once we deliver on the PO described above, we will be in all 50 states!   In addition to our retail distribution, nearly 40% of our sales come from our website.  We are also available on Amazon.

Not only humans like DooKashi – pets do too! Here are just a few: 


Toby the Loyal Companion

Toby showing off in the yard… 

Chandler Cat knows all DooKashi is the same formulation (and isn’t too proud to share with Slate the horse!)…

Chandler the Cat 

Tilly’s Nest “Oyster Crackers” sneaks a peek…

Oyster Crackers





About the owner


Co-Founders Kristin Adams & Nancy DeMond

Native Northwesterners Kristin Adams and Nancy DeMond began exploring entrepreneurial business ideas in the summer of 2011.

Together, with Kristin’s successful background in sales and distribution management and Nancy’s accomplished career in the hospitality industry in marketing , we asked “How can we leverage our strengths to solve a problem within a thriving industry?”

After much research, we decided on the seemingly recession-proof pet industry.   Everyday life told us that regardless of what kind of pet a family has, it usually ends up being the mom who deals with all the good, bad and ugly aspects of ownership. We believed “there just had to be a solution” that didn’t involve a chemical spray to combat the never ending issue of pet waste odor.  In addition to this business goal, we wanted to set a good example for our four impressionable teenage boys, that through the power of entrepreneurship, women can be just as successful as men.

The idea of solving a problem everyone understands—getting rid of pet waste odor—became a serious challenge when we couldn’t find a true eco-friendly product completely safe for pets (and humans) while walking pet sections of large box and smaller retail stores. At this point, we realized there is a need for a product in a market that will never go away! Despite all of the technology in the world, this pesky problem will always exist. 

Throughout all of our research, we learned there were many benefits to keeping animal waste odor down; especially where poultry and other small animals were concerned.

What started out as an idea has transitioned to the co-founding of a small business operating as EcoPet Waste Systems, (dba DooKashi™).  Created as a solution to an everyday problem, DooKashi™ “A Natural Solution for Pet Poo-Lution” – began in a garage by two Mompreneurs.


Product Info

DooKashi is Non-GMO Project Verified

DooKashi is a 100% natural Non-GMO Project Verified pet waste odor eliminator.  Why? Because we believe pet owners have the right to know exactly what is in products used around their pets and families.  DooKashi is even safe if ingested by pets (or humans!). How DooKashi WorksOnce sprinkled on pet poo and pet urine, DooKashi’s OMRI listed probiotic will go to work to consume the waste – all the time out-competing pathogens and disease-producing microbes. The unpleasant, strong aroma is eliminated which makes everyone happy! DooKashi is 100% natural and scientifically proven to eliminate odors at the microbial level without chemicals, perfumes or masking agents. 

What DooKashi Is

  • Kitty litter extender and odor eliminator 

  • Poultry respiratory systems stay healthy as harmful levels of ammonia odors are removed 

  • Bird, Guinea Pig, Ferret, Hamster and other small critters habitats will no longer smell 

  • Sprinkle onto dog poop to reduce odor and reduce harmful pathogens

  • Use in horse trailers and stalls as an odor eliminator and manure compost accelerator

What DooKashi Isn’t

  • A substitute for litter, bedding, hay or shavings used in animal habitats

  • Magic powder- instead, it’s scientifically proven and 100% natural

  • A masking scent with chemical perfumes

  • A septic system starter

  • Harmful if ingested by pets or humans

Packaging Details

The packaging of DooKashi is purposefully in a clear bag so that consumers can touch and see exactly what they are purchasing. Oten times we find other products that claim they are “natural”.  However, turn the packaging over and you’ll find all kinds of precautions such as “Keep Out of Reach of Children”, “Must Wear Gloves in Handling”, and “Seek Medical Assistance if Ingested”.  Doesn’t sound very “natural” to us – you won’t find any precautions listed on DooKashi! 

Kitty LItter Additive & Extender   Poultry Coop Odor Eliminator

DooKashi for Small Animals


Contact Information:

Kristin Adams

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