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Although Nord Stream 2 is complete, it does not represent the future of energy supply – Neutrino Energy Group is working on the use of limitless energy resources.

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  The Baltic Sea pipeline Nord Stream 2 is now complete, and Russian gas is anticipated to flow over the Baltic Sea to Germany this year. Regardless of any potential political, legal, or regulatory issues with this transit route, Holger Thorsten Schubart, CEO of the Neutrino Energy Group, is certain: "Due to the global shift toward a CO2-neutral society, Nord Stream 2 no longer represents the future of energy supply.. Read More>>


Press Release
  Given the fact that neutrinovoltaic technology is one of the most recent forms of energy production, Neutrino Energy Group is glad to report that this paradigm-shifting technology is already creating ripples around the world. Neutrinovoltaic technology is derived from the words "neutrino" and "photovoltaic," and it generates electrical energy from the billions of ghostly neutrinos that assault everything every second of every day. But what exactly are neutrinos, and. Read More>>

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