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Tag: Holger Thorsten Schubart

Daimler is targeting neutrino voltaics for self-charging electric cars

Press Release
A master's thesis from Stockholm for a patent on energy change A master's thesis from the Royal Technical University (KTH) in Stockholm is stirring up dust. It is about the applicability of neutrinos, which could initiate a revolutionary turn for the automotive industry. The work, initiated by Daimler AG, makes people sit up and take notice in several ways. It's about nothing more or less than a future of electromobility. Read More>>

Germany and India create a self-charging electric Pi Car powered by NEUTRINOVOLTAIC technology

Press Release
A new partnership between one of the world's leading Institutes in the field of research and development of electronic materials, the scientific center C-MET (India) and the Neutrino Energy Group (headquartered in Berlin) has been announced. The Neutrino Energy Group has created a technology for converting environmental energy (using an innovative composite material built with graphene) into electric current. Together the two partners are now a step closer to one. Read More>>

The Neutrinovoltaic Paradigm Will Support Global Financial Stability

Press Release
As is apparent with the rise of cryptocurrency and the consumerization of the stock market, we are in the midst of a revolutionary change in global financial systems. With hyperinflation a very real possibility on the horizon, the Neutrino Energy Group intends to shore up the world’s economic infrastructure with abundant access to energy.  The World Economy Orbits Energy: In the wake of the establishment of the petrodollar in the. Read More>>

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