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iCrowdNewswire Jan 25, 2021 2:20 AM ET

4 Benefits of Using Biometric Attendance Machine For Employee Tracking in India

iCrowd Newswire - Jan 25, 2021

In recent years, biometrics have started to play an increasingly important role in our day-to-day life. Whether you want to unlock your smartphone using a fingerprint or process your retina scan during immigration procedures, biometrics have simplified our life and increased security. Subsequently, more and more companies have started using biometric attendance machine in India for efficiently tracking employee attendance and managing HR information. In recent times, due to the coronavirus outbreak, it has become more critical than ever to invest in smart, new-age biometric solutions that can help HR managers with attendance and payroll management seamlessly. With the KENT CamAttendance Biometric Attendance Machine in India, you can eliminate outdated attendance tracking devices such as punch cards. Let us learn more about some of the benefits that using such an advanced biometric attendance machine brings:

1. Improves Accessibility and Efficiency of Employee attendance tracking

With a biometric attendance machine, your HR personnel does not have to spend valuable time handling daily attendance registrars, managing payroll, and regulating remuneration. Eliminating manual labor, biometric systems also help lower staff overhead costs while enabling you to know about every employee’s attendance, productivity, and performance.

2. Improves employee accountability and punctuality

The timing and attendance clock stores audit trails of critical metrics that the management utilizes to track employee performance. It helps HR personnel and managers identify those who are not punctual and recognize those who regularly time-in. Consequently, this fosters a culture of accountability and punctuality amongst the workforces.

3. Easy Installation and Convenient to Use

Getting a biometric attendance machine in India for employee tracking is quick and straightforward. With hassle-free installations, heave re-wiring does not need as it can easily get incorporated into other HR software. Such advanced biometric attendance machine in India have started gaining popularity as it is user friendly and requires no extensive training. You will find different kinds of biometric attendance systems such as advanced touchless attendance tracking devices and standard biometric fingerprint systems.

4. Real-Time Data Transfer

Without an advanced biometric attendance system, it is incredibly challenging to manage documentation, and it also paves the way for increased human contact. Especially considering the risk of virus transmission amidst the on-going pandemic, using a touchless biometric attendance machine in India seems to be a pragmatic and smarter alternative to regular fingerprint biometric systems. A touchless attendance system, such as KENT CamAttendance, offers you an array of advanced functions like a secured cloud application that stores employee attendance records in real-time and detects if the employee is wearing a mask or not. Furthermore, you can deploy such a biometric attendance machine in India for multiple sites, having a central control system on-site. Besides, KENT Cam Attendance also offers to leave management for easier and more accessible processing, eliminating physical contact notions. Now that you know some of the benefits of deploying advanced biometric attendance machines in India, you can make an informed choice when choosing a suitable system.

Maximize Efficiency and Safety

The outbreak of the coronavirus has given rise to concerns about safety and security. While everyone struggles to get back to their routine life, the risk of virus transmission still exists. Especially now that offices have started to open, you must implement measures to make your workplace safer for employees as a business owner. Investing in a biometric attendance machine in India, after carefully matching your organizational requirements to the features and benefits that a specific biometric solution offers can help you find the best attendance tracking solution!


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