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Top 3 Free Microsoft 365 Backup Solutions

iCrowdNewswire   Jan 20, 2021  4:47 AM ET

Even though there is a profusion of cloud products and helpful services for office workers, Microsoft 365 represents today’s most in-demand software product. It is a complete suite of Microsoft cloud products and services for the workplace and for collaboration and communication — Windows 10, Office 365, and security. This Microsoft offering allows users to work with electronic correspondence, shared and personal documents, contacts, and calendars via almost any device. But like any software, MS 365 and its components cannot do without a reliable backup solution.

Now let’s talk about this platform in more detail and find the most suitable backup solutions for Microsoft 365.

What Is Microsoft 365 Platform and What Are Its Advantages?

Because Microsoft products are primarily aimed at office employees who often use computer equipment and the Internet, the prevailing number of organizations and established companies power their machines with the latest developments of the famous incorporation. And every enterprise needs to upgrade its IT infrastructure at least once every few years. However, nowadays, it does not require considerable investments, which are challenging to provide against the background of rapid economic changes.

Therefore, thanks to the application of the Microsoft 365 platform, the business owners and head managers of viable companies will benefit in the following ways:

  1. Their organizations will be able to reduce capital investments and operational costs since Microsoft 365 significantly simplifies administration and maintenance tasks.
  2. The Microsoft 365 Admin Center gives the users complete control over components, settings, and deployment procedures, simultaneously saving their precious time and effort and allowing them to focus on key business projects that increase the enterprise’s competitiveness.
  3. Even if your employees use various devices that are not the most powerful, you can endow them with advanced technologies and make them more productive. It will substantially enhance the value of your enterprise’s investments in the IT sector.

After all, a business cannot be successful without effective communications and productive collaboration. You can equip your company with the appropriate IT solution and make it available at any time of the day or night. All because Microsoft 365 is based on a global network of data processing centers protected by a reliable multi-level security system. Besides, Microsoft’s service-level agreement guarantees customers a smooth operation almost 99% of the time.

Discovering the Best Office 365 Backup Utilities

Since public cloud storage represents an integral part of the Microsoft 365 offer, it entails a specific problem using “ordinary” backup techniques. Thus, if you keep vital data in the cloud-based storage, you cannot get your hands on these data to create reserve copies of it. Furthermore, it is of primal importance to store original files separately from the ones being backed up. So, how can you secure cloud resources in such a manner? Today, there are three leading providers for MS 365 public cloud infrastructure – NAKIVO Inc., Spanning, and Veeam. These vendors’ cutting-edge backup tools ensure the protection of all the files and information kept in the public cloud.

Hardly any first-rate backup solution is available free of charge. But most of them, including the mentioned utilities, present users with a free trial period, during which they can get acquainted with the tool’s features and give them a try. Thus, trial periods for the NAKIVO office 365 backup solution and its counterparts from Spanning and Veeam vary from 14 days to one month. It is a good practice, as it allows the user to try out all necessary functions without purchasing the full version of the product.


This tool from NAKIVO Inc. provides durable and adjustable protection for MS 365 to guarantee that all crucial data of the user(s) is always available and can be restored at any point. Resort to the NAKIVO Backup & Replication solution to ensure a high level of safety of your contacts and business e-mail correspondence, along with other files, documents, and folders. The outstanding features of this utility are as follows:


The next option is Spanning, which gives us another trustworthy backup software for Microsoft 365. Besides offering regular reserve copying and easy restoration of your e-mails, calendar notes, contacts, and essential business documentation, it may also boast of the following features:


Last but not least backup tool from Veeam is a top-quality solution used on a par with the NAKIVO utility. It shows off a user-friendly interface and supports all critical programs of Microsoft 365, keeping your e-mail correspondence, attachments, contacts, and other files safe. Additionally, it allows the user to savor its next features:

While the discussed backup solutions for Microsoft 365 are not entirely free of charge, they are worth trying out. Which one is the best for you? It is at your discretion only.


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