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The Drug Store – An Excellent Shop for the Discerning Cannabis Connoisseur

iCrowdNewswire   Jan 14, 2021  1:40 AM ET

JANUARY 14, 2021/ROAST POST GmbH, MURISTRASSE 17A, 3006, BERN, SWITZERLAND: In many territories across the world, the use or consumption of Cannabis is prohibited, and so to get an institution openly dealing in Marijuana in whatever form is not a possibility. The Drug Store is a known excellent shop offering a unique experience in distinguishing between good and inferior Cannabis among expert tasters. The company is known for its unique combination of excellent customer service, varied product selection, and skilled employees. These virtues have been vital in the elevation of experience of the company’s clients’. The firm has deep connections with the Cannabis Community and primed Marijuana original and grower’s legislation activists who have elevated its position, allowing it to leave its mark.


The company’s headshop is strategic due to being endowed with several products under the section of “All Products.” Some of the products the company has on offer are bowls, trays, grinders, papers, pipes, ashtrays, and filters. Besides, other accessories are also available at the headshop alongside bongs, vaporizers, cleaning products, boxes, and containers. Whenever one walks into the headshop, they have several choices due to the availability of products existing in ranges. For instance, the purchase of a single bong would come with several bongs to choose from, which leads to confusion if not properly guided.


The firm’s excellent market product prices have cut a niche in the market for it above the rest. A challenge is even thrown to the clients to bring an alternative better price, and the company will match the price for the product. The company does not charge markups and stays true to the competitive pricing of its cannabis dispensary and headshop products across the world.


A common saying goes that it takes forty years to build a forest and 1 minute to bring it down. This saying resonates so well with the Drug Store who has put up an international empire through customer satisfaction delivery by being reliable since its inception in 2015. The firm keeps improving its products and services through valued customer feedback.


A myriad of products is available for clients to choose from at the company’s head and CBD shops. These products are the latest top of the line and favorite products for most the cult classic clients. Some of the products at the clients’ disposal are CBD oil, bongs, edibles, e-liquid, CBD cartridges, and CBD concentrates.


Safety in consumption is a necessity to guarantee good health in use. The Drug Store has in place a system that tests all its products before going on sale. The company discourages selling cheap knockoff drugs and brands by standing behind quality production and exclusive delivery of high-quality products the world over.

Office Operations and Access

The Drug Store has two active offices located in Zurich and Bern in Switzerland. These are the locations where the staff operates from and are reachable via the company’s website or an active phone line (079) 588 60 22. The Zurich Store has its location in the center of Zurich nightlife at Kanonengasse 7,8004 Zurich, with its operations running from Tuesday to Saturday and remaining closed for business on Sunday and Monday. Bern Store is right in the beautiful ancient city of Bern at Rathausgasse 16,3011 Bern. The store’s working days are Tuesday to Friday, though on staggered timelines. And just as the Zurich store, the Bern store also remains closed for business on Sunday and Monday.

About Us

Marijuana enthusiasts sharing the same passion came together to create the company with a single reason for providing the highest clear-cut products for Gourmets and Connoisseurs. The firm attained a unique brand status in selecting top-quality headshop and CBD products, allowing it to dominate its market section. The firm gloats in its established bilateral collaborations with renowned world glass blowing artists and developing productive business relations with the world’s most trusted brands. The company’s products are ranking very highly in the world amongst its peers and competitors.

Paying a visit to the company’s website will relay much more information on what is on offer, delivery systems, prices, support, products, and much more. The company’s official website is


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