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Protect Your Merchandise During Transport

iCrowdNewswire   Jan 12, 2021  5:29 AM ET

Purchasing products online has been today’s norm in the business world. 2020 even intensified this into the new normal, and one thing that every customer loathes is receiving damaged goods. Most consumers like their goods delivered faster and securely, and companies are working their butts off to cut on packaging costs and reduce the overall cost to their customers.

Here are some ways companies or even individuals can ensure the safety of their consumers’ cargo during the packaging process.

Allocate Some Finance On The Packaging

It’s sickening to receive damaged or even fewer goods after you’ve paid for them. To avoid such instances/ losses, it’s advisable to use at least 5 % of the merchandise’s value on efficient packaging.

The allocated amount for appropriate packaging will allow you to choose a suitable packaging method. In case the goods are exposed to either heat, moisture, extreme cold, then the amount should be used to cater for the best packaging mode. After all, receiving merchandise that is intact and safe is all that matters, right?

Use Suitable Materials

Right now, you can choose the appropriate packaging materials that you want for your goods. You could communicate with the company and inquire about the available materials and select some of the best ones for your cargo’s nature.

In case you need to fill some gaps, void fillers such as void security tape can be handy. Goods inboxes can be securely packaged using corrugated cardboard, packing peanuts, and kraft paper. Delicate goods could also be packaged appropriately using the proper equipment for their security and safety.

You could also opt for tenacious pallet wrap or dunnage airbags for larger shipments to keep your goods intact and minimize their movements significantly.

Implement Stable Measure To Ensure Security Of The Goods

You could implement specific measures to protect precious goods that are at high risks of theft or mishandling. The steps should aim to reduce their exposure hence attracting little or even less attention to the goods.

You can opt for colored security wraps that conceal what is inside to minimize drawing attention. Using cover containers is also great to keep your voluminous cargo from spy eyes around. Another measure includes using impact warning labels like the void security tapes to keep off anyone who wants to tamper with the goods.

Better still, you can also insure your goods against theft or damage during the voyage. The insurance cover protects your cargo against any loss or any damages in case of any. Insurance may seem superfluous, especially when shipping small goods but think of the amount of cash you could be losing on the small cargo every time they are stolen or damaged.

Remember To Label Your Goods Always

Labels indicate the type and nature of goods to the people handling your merchandise. In this case, they will be aware of what they are handling and how to manage them. Using labels like ‘Dangerous Goods’ will command a particular type of management by the cargo handlers, and they will manage it appropriately.

You can also attach some loading instructions on the labels for the fragile goods like ‘Do not stack heavy materials.’ This helps to preserve the fragile goods and ensures they are handled with care.

Handling any amount of goods is crucial for all companies since it determines your relationship with your consumers. Assessing the need for your business deliveries is an important fix for you and your customers. Since most companies are competing to get new clients, the best fix you can give your company is the proper handling of the consumers’ cargo.

Personalizing the consumers’ packaging needs is also great for both of you. Anyway, who doesn’t want his cargo delivered safe and sound?


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