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Audio and Video Transcription: Don’t Confuse Professional with Friendly Subtitling Services

iCrowdNewswire   Jan 7, 2021  9:34 AM ET

Audio transcription refers to the process of translating standard speech into text format. Conversely, video transcription is the process of translating visual content into text. Today, business owners who want to expand their reach prefer professional translation services.

Business owners and entrepreneurs don’t want to spend their valuable time creating and converting subtitle files. And this is where the outsourced approach for audio and video transcription comes into the picture. The professional outlook of audio and video transcription services is flawless and detailed.

Here’s how professional audio and   video transcription services have the edge over friendly subtitling services:

v Short-term and Long-term Approach

Friendly subtitling services is more of a quick fix, but professional audio and video transcription services can create the most sophisticated and errorless subtitles. In fact, most professional audio and video transcription services take into account the long term growth opportunities of the business.

Of course, the idea is to optimize the visual and audio content with a specific set of standards. Whether it’s the high engagement rate or SEO optimization, pro audio and video transcription services can take different approaches.

v Cost-Effectiveness

On the surface, it may sound like friendly freelancer subtitling services would save more cost. But professional audio and video transcription services help businesses and entrepreneurs save more money because of their long-term subtitling techniques.

With amateur subtitling services, you will start to feel the burn of cost over time. In fact, freelance subtitling is not as consistent as professional audio and video transcription services. Also, professional transcription services can carry your entire audio and video subtitling burden. As a result, you can focus on other essential business tasks.

v SEO Ranking

Another advantage professional audio and video transcription services have over amateur subtitling is their broadmindedness to help businesses achieve a high SEO ranking. In fact, you’d be surprised how audio and video content can drive more traffic.

Professional audio and video transcription services follow a rigorous process of indexing audio and video transcripts. Seamless indexes of audio and video files mean search engine crawlers will rank your content higher based on various keywords.

v Bigger Reach

Professional audio and video transcription services focus on a global reach. Whether you’re an established or startup business, the prospect of attaining and retaining more audience is the secret to achieve growth. And well-transcribed audio and video for diverse audiences mean fewer limitations. Once the global audience starts to understand your message, you can offer products or services that cater to their needs.

v ADA and WCAG 2.0 Compliance

As a business owner, you cannot afford to violate ADA and WCAG 2.0 content guidelines that result in hefty fines and penalties. One of the pitfalls of hiring amateur subtitling services for your audio and video transcript is risking your business to potential lawsuits.

Professional video and audio transcription services, however, thoroughly review rules and regulations before rendering final transcripts. Mostly, your content needs to be clear for individuals with impaired hearing.

For example, when you assume that not every audience member will be able to listen to your audio transcript, you realize the need for compliance. Professional audio and video transcription services know how to preserve the context of the content without running into legal and technical issues.

Wrap Up

Despite the nature of audio and video transcription, professional experts can ensure legal compliance and transcribe within the legal boundaries. Although a friendly freelancer is not necessarily a bad option, it does, however, come with audio and video transcription limitations.

Moreover, professional audio and video transcription services have dedicated tools, resources, experience, and expertise to transcribe audio and video files. Contrary to misguided perception, audio and video transcription is not an expensive endeavor.

In fact, affordable audio / video transcription and subtitle translation services can help companies save traditional employee hiring and overhead costs. Furthermore, professional translation services understand the complex aspects of audio and video transcriptions in various industries.


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