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iCrowdNewswire Dec 21, 2020 10:10 AM ET

10 Things Women Need to Succeed at Growing a Business

iCrowd Newswire - Dec 21, 2020

Today, more than ever in business history, women have taken a significant lead in business involvement. Most millennial-age business startups have a woman as the lead entrepreneur or part of the lead-team.

However, a large percentage of women still cower and shy away from starting and growing their businesses. Notably, women are prone to many challenges in the business and corporate world compared to men. These range from sexual harassment to limited access to personal loans. As such, it hinders women from being their best as far as business growth is concerned.

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So, what can a modern business-minded woman do to grow her business?

Here are 10 tips that when you use them in your business growth strategy, you’ll soar with the who’s who in the business world.

1.  Look up to a successful Mentor

The best way to succeed in business is learning from others who have succeeded. This is one of the best ways to shorten a long journey to the top. Mentorship will see you avoid mistakes that you would otherwise stumble upon if you go alone.

A further step that women entrepreneurs could take besides seeking a mentor is to get a sponsor. This is someone willing to use their clout to see you succeed. Sponsors could also come in handy as mentors, funders, or links to clients.

The bottom line is that you need to reach out for mentorship and get all the advice and help you can if you want to reach the top. A mentor will help you stay on track.

2.   Confidence is Paramount

Among the things that you will need, confidence should not be lacking in the list. Your business depends on the fact that you believe in yourself. The way to the top is not a straight line, but a crooked path. When you are confident in yourself you are all set to up-scale your business to the desired top.

Even starting a business takes courage and self-confidence. So, if it is what it takes to start one, it must be the sustaining factor along your way to the cream top.

3.  Love to Fail

With growing your business, don’t fear to make mistakes. As you launch deeper, you will realize mistakes will be a great resource and a part of the journey.

So, learn to love failure.

According to research, women are most hit when failure strikes. It tampers with their confidence. As a businesswoman, this should not be the case. It is better to fail at something that you love to do than to succeed at what you loath. Embrace failure and learn from it as you grow.

4.  Mastery of your Niche

At the genesis of your startup, you must have considered a venture at which you are an expert. It is an important consideration when it comes to getting started with a business. Expertise in your niche will make your clientele have confidence in you.

When you share your knowledge and skills through the product or service you offer, you attract people to your business. This way, you will stay authentic and it’s a sure way to get yourself to the top.

5.  Create a Network

The biggest failure in business is women who try to go alone. Building a lasting business requires that you create networks with both men and other successful women entrepreneurs. These are the connections you build with clients and people with whom you have a mutual benefit on matters business.

Research shows that women can easily outshine men on matters of networking. If this is anything to go by, all women entrepreneurs should take advantage of this trait and grow their businesses to their best level.

6.  A Risk-taking mentality

The opposite of taking a risk is fear of loss. Well, Gloria Larkin of TargetGov will tell you that business people who scooped huge profits also made unsurmountable losses.

As a lady-entrepreneur, take up challenges. It is the best way to get you out of your comfort zone. We well know that women dislike losses or failures. However, when it comes to growing your business, taking risks is inevitable.

7.  Aptitude for learning

The most successful women firm-owners are those who never stop learning. They adopt the I-don’t-know-everything mentality. Whenever you admit that you don’t know enough, you increase your capacity to learn more.

Your participation in events that grow your intellectual prowess will keep your business above the average mark. Look out for business journals, books, attend seminars, corporate events, and make sure you internalize the lessons as much as possible. Always show an aptitude for learning.

8.  Set Attainable Goals

The beauty of any business is the ability of the team to attain targets and goals. As a businesswoman, never be overambitious over anything. Set small goals that are within your team’s ability to achieve.

In addition, long term goals are important to help steer your business towards the vision for your firm. Stay true and real regarding your abilities to avoid unnecessary frustrations. This doesn’t mean you should not stretch yourself a little bit. Just don’t flex all your muscles while doing so.

9.  Glam up your brand, Go viral

Obviously, we don’t mean that you focus on your looks. You need to look the part, no doubt, and so does your business. Your business impact should be felt near and wide. Create an online presence through digital marketing and social media influencing.

When you glam up your business, it becomes attractive and you get the right clientele. Take your business online and you will not run out of business.

10. Value Feedback

Any business aims to satisfy the customer. Whether you offer services or products, it is important to fetch their feedback. A customer review is a real test that shows whether your services are up to standard or need a little more effort.

For instance, when a customer leaves a negative review on the comment section of your website, it means there are areas you need to work on. Honest reviews help you work on your business and strive to satisfy your customers.

Today’s businesswoman has the chance to make it to the top. It only takes the right actions and she, too, can be on the seven-figure margin. Discipline and self-confidence are on the frontline of things she needs to embrace. Successful women entrepreneurs have all that is needed to up-scale their startups and be at the top.


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