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Why You Can’t Market a Product Until You Finalize How Its Going to Look and Work

iCrowdNewswire   Nov 17, 2020  1:22 AM ET

The popular television series Shark Tank shows viewers what life is like from the perspective of inventors, entrepreneurs, and budding business owners. Before coming on stage and talking a little about the products and innovations themselves, each person gives their background and explains the history of their inventions. Sometimes it is the inventor’s story that seems just as interesting as the products themselves. However, viewers are also often able to see how the products match up with each individual investor and draw inferences as to how it will end up looking.

Product Packaging Matters

Before you buy something that is new on the market or just new to you, a thorough evaluation is done. If in a store, you might pick it up and turn it all the way around so you can see all sides. Some people also test products to see how well they are sealed and how sturdy the packaging feels. Looking at the lettering, logo, description, and packaging are critically important during the selection process. At this point, its package design is essential for creating an important good first impression. Consumers want to know what they are getting, and looking to the packaging design is a great indicator of quality and care.

Marketability and Branding

As companies and inventors work on enhancing the way a product functions, they also put a lot of effort into branding and overall marketability. Changing the way that you open a product or even adjust its logo can have a large impact on consumer perceptions. The truth is that marketability and branding can only get you so far in the grand scheme of things. You need to create a product that works well to solve a common problem and package it so that it pretty much sells itself. This is how you are able to market a new product effectively.

Selling a Product is Based on How Well You Know It

The first inception of a new product usually does not look anything like the final addition. Sometimes inventors and business owners choose to change the color of a product, swap out materials used in production, or add in new ingredients. Throughout each inception, you have got to know what has changed and what else can be done to improve the product. Future sales will rest on how well you know the product you are selling. So, look at its packaging and markdown each of the changes made to have the power to promote and sell your product expertly.

On a daily basis, you can easily find something new for sale on the market. It could be a product that you already know about, but it has recently been reformulated, rebranded, or totally redesigned. New products have to stand out and be highly brandable so that consumers quickly know what its purpose is. This means that many inventors work on the packaging of their products just as hard as they work to tweak the formulation and product design itself. When you take a good look at your product, what do you see? Is it a product that excites you and piques your curiosity? If it looks promising on the outside, then you can expect healthy sales.


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