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Is it Necessary to Install A Refrigerator for Your Cake Business?

iCrowdNewswire   Nov 11, 2020  2:23 AM ET

Photo by David Holifield on Unsplash

Are you getting ready to start your baking business? Are you torn between installing hospitality refrigeration units? Or you want to use your good old home refrigerator to store all your cakes? Some bakers are guilty of doing this. Especially those bakers who are just starting with their cake business.

Making your baked goodies available to the public is not the same as baking for your family and friends. If you want your business to earn and be famous, you have to make sure you are providing a quality product and a good reputation. It is why installing some necessary equipment is so important.

And so, the question remains. Is hospitality refrigerators necessary for your business? Below are the benefits of installing great hospitality refrigerators.

Room to Grow

Having the proper refrigerator units installed for your business will give you room to grow. If you have suitable refrigerators, you can easily keep up with the demand of your customers.

You can also create a variety of your products without hesitating because you know that you can store all of it in your refrigerator. It will allow you to offer a wide range of goodies to your customers. By having the capability to supply your customers demand, your business will grow in no time. You can have the opportunity to expand your business.

Quality of Your Cakes

Quality is essential in the food business. Everyone can cook, but not everyone is a great cook. It also applies to baking, a great baker does not only offer delicious cakes but also keeps them fresh for days.

You can make your baked goods fresh when you store them in a refrigerator. Chilling can keep your products fresh for a more extended period. It stores all the flavor in your cake, and it will help avoid early spoilage. Offering fresh cakes to your valuable customers will make them come back for more.

Keeping your Customers Loyalty

Keeping the customers loyal to your business is not just acquired through delicious and fresh cakes. Caring for them will help your business stand out from your competitors. Customers love it when they are treated with importance.

Showing them how important they are by giving them cakes that are carefully handled would increase the chance they will keep coming back. Having superb customer service and proper equipment inside your store will make them feel secure and valued. Seeing that you do not take the customer’s health and safety for granted will help create trust between you and them.

Inviting Customers

Storing all your baked cakes and goodies in a cake refrigerator where everyone can see will help you invite more customers to your shop. Even someone who is just passing by your shop will end up purchasing a cake or two when they see how delectable your products are.

Putting your cakes on display in these refrigerator shelves will also serve as a free advertisement for your product. Nothing beats a free marketing stunt to make your business grow.

Does Cake Need Refrigeration?

Photo by Caitlyn de Wild on Unsplash

Since the cake is a perishable product, it is right to say that yes, cakes need to be stored in the refrigerator. Food quickly spoils when left in a warmer environment because bacteria multiply fast in this kind of environment.

Aside from spoilage, cakes with icing need to be refrigerated to maintain its excellent physical condition. Butter icing, along with whipped cream or cream cheese should not be left at room temperature, or it will melt away and ruin your hard work in designing those cakes.

Sugar icing, on the other hand, can be stored at room temperature for days. It includes powdered sugar glazed cakes. But it would be nice from a customer’s point of view to see the cakes they are going to purchase were kept inside a refrigerator rather than seeing it out in the open.

Having a refrigerator unit installed for your cakes is the right decision. Iron Mountain Refrigeration & Equipment offers a variety of refrigeration units and equipment that will fit the needs of your business.

It is better to have these fridge installed before you start offering your cakes to the market. Choose a unit that will let you store enough products to supply the demands of your customers.


The food business is not easy since food is perishable. Especially if you are selling cakes since cakes are made of eggs and dairy products, which contributes to rapid bacterial growth. Making sure it is safe to consume is very vital. A customer can sue you for food poisoning.

Words travel so fast from person to person. One mistake will put your business in jeopardy. You do not want to lose a customer just because you were not careful enough in handling your products.


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