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Types of Commercial Work Tables: Choosing the Best Stainless Steel Work Tables Option

iCrowdNewswire   Nov 10, 2020  5:49 AM ET

Factors to pay attention to when picking the stainless steel work tables

A commercial stainless steel table is the most essential and integral part of the equipment in any foodservice business. To gain all benefits in the long run, food establishments must consider all selection criteria before purchasing any type of restaurant metal furniture, including stainless steel work tables.

Weight capacity.

If you want a table to hold heavy kitchen gadgets, equipment, and tools, be sure to invest in a table with high weight capacity, so the surface will act not only as a meal prep top but also as an area for storing, for example, heavy griddles.


Before going into the buying process, determine the size that will fit the available space. Pay attention to ergonomic requirements, as well as to the already installed equipment (for example sinks, wall-mounted shelf, racks) to manage every inch of space properly.

Stainless steel thickness.

The strength and impact resistance of stainless steel depend on its gauge. The lower the gauge of stainless steel, the thicker the work table:

Types and accessories


Customizable options with extra shelves are an excellent storage choice for stacking all items, materials, ingredients at hand. You may consider open base tables to locate a waste bin. However, under-shelves allow managing space even more competently. Thus, the staff can put storage boxes, frequently-used utensils, pots and pans, and other kitchen tools for optimizing all food prep processes.


This is not a good idea if you need more working surfaces, but having welded-in-sink will add convenience and boost performance through quick access to water for instant handwashing and item rinsing.


Adding wheels to the stainless steel work tables would make it even simpler to move equipment around the room for faster washing, avoiding lifting non-mobile tables.


For the protection of walls and vertical spaces from splashes and drips, buy a table with a backsplash. Such an accessory will facilitate cleanup and promote a safer environment.

In addition, pay attention to the edge type (rounded, square, countertop edge), an opportunity to add drawers, cutting boards, or adjust legs, as you can customize your table even more.

The key to picking the right, wear-proof, and durable prep table depends on cooperation with a credible and reputable supplier. AmGoodSupply guarantees superior quality, excellent delivery, and a customized approach for every commercial and private client.


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