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What Makes C# Better Than VB6?

iCrowdNewswire   Nov 5, 2020  2:32 PM ET

For the longest time, there has been debate on what language is better. There is no clear answer to that. It is all about preference as different people prefer different programming languages. Some like to stick to basics, whereas some like to keep updating.

With the advancement of every other thing, programming languages are also updating. Simpler programming languages are being created to make programming acceptable and more accessible to anyone. On the other hand, some languages are meant to work with complex coding.

C# vs. Visual Basic

This argument has been going on for the sake of argument. There is no valid reason to determine which language is better.

Release Date

Microsoft created both languages. C# is a comparatively new language than Visual Basic. As Vb6 is an older programming language, many thought to convert VB6 to C#. Visual Basic was released in 1991, whereas C# was released in 2000.


C# uses a lot of symbols and signs. On the other hand, visual basic is more like English. The difference between C# and vb is the syntax. However, the syntax is different for almost any language. You can not say one language’s syntaxes are better or easier than the other.


You cannot say which one is difficult or stronger. You can do the same things with both languages. It can be a bit easier for one language than the other. But it is not impossible to do something in a language that cannot be done by the other language.


VB6 is a language created for beginners in programming. This is why some think that this language cannot be used for advanced features. However, that is not true. If you have learned VB6 properly, you can compile any code.

However, you need to make some effort no matter what language you are learning. That is the case for both VB and C#; both are the same. It depends on you what you can understand easily.


C# is preferred by many as, in general, everyone thinks you need some C, C++ knowledge to understand C#. so someone knowing C+ assures that they have basic knowledge on object-oriented programming.

On the other hand, VB is for beginners. You can learn the language without any prior knowledge.


C#  is more popular compared to Visual Basic. Although Visual Basic is more popular amongst the new developers, Microsoft confirms. Maybe beginners start with a more accessible language than move to the difficult ones.


Microsoft is continually updating its programming languages. C# is being updated to perform really complex stuff. They are adding things that can solve and develop complicated functions.

Visual basic decides to stay on the opposite spectrum. They are updating their language but still want to keep the accessibility. They do not want the language to become too complicated.


Typically the C# community is bigger as it is more popular. Community is important as you might need help from the community whenever you face some problems or complications. It is not like you cannot live without a big community. It is just a plus.

Employment Opportunity

Though both are different languages, capable of doing the same thing, C# developers are appreciated more for some reason, maybe because C# is used more in professional settings. The demand for C# developers is more.

Therefore they get a higher salary. Even though a VB developer does the same thing, they get less paid. That could be a possible reason behind more people engaging in C# rather than Visual Basic.


It really does not matter which language you are using unless the program runs. What matters most is that your program does what it is meant to do with no bugs.

What programming language you use depends on your preference, how you feel about a language. VB and C# are like rice and bread. You cannot say one is better than the other. It is you who will decide what you want.


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