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Oct 14, 2020 4:27 PM ET

The Power of YouTube

iCrowd Newswire - Oct 14, 2020

YouTube’s main appeal is the original, independently made content that draws in the viewers. There are basically, two areas of YouTube that people want to watch: entertainment and education.


There are many “how-to” videos for people who get stuck on a task. As well as videos on how to learn a new skill such as animation, or Blender, make-up, crafts, etc.

There are also several channels about the history of things that are not taught in school. History of video games, YouTube channels, werewolves in films, etc. to name a few.  Some videos can help you with understanding your schoolwork better. Others can offer you different views that can help with your essays.

Education videos on YouTube are different from that of the mainstream in that they can be entertaining due to the personality behind the facts. You can learn and the entertainment values of the videos make you want to keep on learning. It is fun.  YouTube views on certain videos can often indicate how informative they are, and even if they are somewhat entertaining.


While YouTube videos that are educational often have a quality of entertainment to them, many videos are purely for fun. These can fall in the catalogs of lets plays, vlogs, sketch, short films, etc. While these can be informative they mostly side on the entertainment spectrum. They are a great way to have a laugh and relax after a day of work.

The draw of these types of videos is not as much the content behind them but the personalities that bring in the audience. People come to hear their favorite creators talk over a game that they may not generally care that much for. It is not the game that brings in the people but the players.

Education and Entertainment

However, the best types of content are the ones that can combine the two without confusing the overall appeal of the video. Education can be on purpose such as film, books, comics, toys reviews, unboxing videos, history videos, etc. Some can be accidentally educational such as a let’s play where the players end up, randomly, talking about how to make a game better.

Education is about learning something that you did not know before. This can be found anyway even in the “goofiest” of personalities. The channels that work well sprinkle in one or the other but their overall theme is either educational or entertainment.

Advice For New YouTubers

Before you think of if you should or should not buy views make a decision on what area your videos will fall into. Entertainment or education. While mixing education and entertainment is a good idea you should decide which area is your focus. If you want to teach then try to not be too much of a joker. You could end up losing your message and confuse your audience. If you want to entertain i.e lets plays than let the conversation flow naturally, if something serious does come up, go with it. But, do not force it.


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