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Oct 12, 2020 3:01 PM ET

Which Is Better: Rent a House or an Apartment? 

iCrowd Newswire - Oct 12, 2020

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There’s always a fine line between renting a house and renting an apartment. Both have advantages and disadvantages, yet the two options still depend on the situation and lifestyle of every individual. Yet, it is still beneficial that we explore both worlds and see which set-up suits best for you.

Furthermore, we have also included a few things you need to consider before jumping into any of the options.

Renting a house and its major advantages.

Every individual dream of homeownership, yet it does come with a price. Having your own home entails a lot of financial expenses, not to mention the grueling process of mortgage and other necessary transactions. And not everyone is cut out for it. This is the reason why renting a house is the next best option.

The good thing about renting a house is the living space when you compare it to renting an apartment. If you have a big family, you take into consideration your children’s safety in running around a small space. Also, having a larger living space enables you to move around freely. Plus, renting a house includes a good lawn space, which is not available when you rent an apartment.

The other reason why many individuals opt for renting a house is privacy. Everybody wants space on their own. When you rent a house, you solely live in the property along with your family. You lived in a neighborhood that you specifically choose due to its peaceful environment.

When renting an apartment, you lived along with other strangers in the next doors, and unfortunately, you have no control over the loud noises and other nuisance around you.

Renting an apartment and its major advantages.

When you think of it, renting an apartment is a good idea when it comes to financial expenses. If you are just starting out or a young professional maybe, this is the best option for you. Since renting a house is too much of an expense and requires a big cut in your savings, it is really not an ideal option. Even though there are drawbacks to renting an apartment, there are also benefits in it.

When renting an apartment, you are most probably located near to all shops and market places conveniently. There’s a lot of sydney short term rental apartment buildings that are located in a hot spot area.

Usually, these buildings are surrounded by all the shopping centers, markets, and shops. That’s why running your errands around these places would take you at least 15 minutes to get done.

Also, the choice of renting an apartment does have something to do with your lifestyle. If you are always on the move due to your job requirement, renting an apartment is the right choice.

You can quickly move out without thinking of the hassle and the stress of leaving things behind. You don’t necessarily need to bring a lot of your stuff since the amenities found in your apartment all belong to the landlord (except for those you personally purchase).

Now that you have learned both their advantages, here are the few factors that you need to consider if you are either renting a house or an apartment.

Financial stability

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Let us all be honest about it whether you are renting a house or an apartment. It all falls to your money. If you are regularly employed and have been working to earn savings, renting a house would be an easy feat. But if you are struggling to make out of your budget, you may find renting an apartment is the best choice.

Living alone or living with a family?

This is one important factor as well that you need to consider. It is no doubt that living in your own house is way more comfortable than living in a small spaced apartment, especially if you are housing a big family.

It requires you to have more rooms and more space to move around that renting an apartment cannot provide you with. If you are living alone and need a space you can call your own, renting an apartment will save you a lot of bucks plus no maintenance required.

Check the location

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Whether you are renting a house or an apartment, checking the location is one factor that you should oversee. However, rental houses are not usually found in city areas, unlike with apartment buildings. If and if rental houses are available in the city areas, this also means they come with a higher rental fee compared to renting an apartment. It still all goes down considering other factors that affect your decision-making.


There is no right or wrong when choosing between renting a house or an apartment. However, it is vital to know the advantages and disadvantages before making a decision. Renting a house is beneficial for growing a family while renting an apartment is a good option for working individuals. But at the end of the day, whatever choice is made, it should fit your needs the most and should be in your advantage.


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