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Oct 8, 2020 10:05 AM ET

Massage chair made for elderly people

iCrowd Newswire - Oct 8, 2020

Massage chair is the right product for all users. And especially this device is extremely suitable for the elderly. Join Sports Group to learn how to choose massage chairs for the elderly in this article.

The effects of massage chairs for the elderly

Using massage chairs daily has the ability to help the elderly relieve common pain symptoms. Examples include pain in the areas of the neck, shoulders, neck, back pain from osteoarthritis or disc herniation. In addition, they also help the elderly have time to relax, reduce stress, and fatigue. Massage chair also works very well in enhancing blood circulation. Since then, the spirit will always be comfortable, happy and live longer.

1. Infrared heat helps to circulate blood, unclog meridians

This is one of the outstanding advantages of massage chairs for the elderly. Infrared heat massage function helps improve blood circulation efficiency and supply oxygen to organs and cells in the body. In addition, this activity also has the function of discharging toxic substances that accumulate in the body, supporting the treatment of back pain caused by arthritis, sciatica and effective stress reduction.

2. Effects of rollers in physiotherapy support

The massage chair rollers for the elderly are evenly distributed from shoulder to back and buttocks with many different modes.

3. Air bags dispel fatigue

Inside massage chairs for the elderly are air-pumped bags. They squeeze the body to create a tight hug to help the body feel comfortable and relieved to dispel the fatigue in the elderly. This is one of the features that many old people love when using a massage chair.

4. Physical stimulation positively affects the nervous system and blood vessels

The massage of the massage chair for the elderly is direct physical stimulation. They affect the nervous system and blood vessels of the body. This will create positive changes, helping to strengthen the function of these parts. Not only that, using a massage chair helps fluids circulate well in the lymphatic system. That is an important factor that contributes to building the body’s immune system. Since then, the body has a better ability to prevent diseases after a period of using this product. That is also the reason why massage chairs are very suitable for the purpose of protecting the health of the elderly. In addition, using a massage chair for 15-30 minutes a day has the effect of reducing the risk and condition of diseases in the body such as aches and pains, catastrophes, depression…

Where should I buy a massage chair for the elderly?

Currently there are many brands of imported massage chairs on the market. They have good quality but the cost is quite high compared to the ability of the person wishing to use them. If you are looking for an outstanding domestic product at the right price, ELIP is a massage chair brand that you cannot ignore. Some reasons you should buy ELIP massage chair can be mentioned as:

The effects listed are only a small part of the benefits of massage chairs for the elderly. Want to experience all the benefits that this device brings, you should directly use the product. Refer to buy products at: Ghe massage.  Hope this article can help you protect the health of your elderly.


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